How to Properly Install Hurricane Shutters?


How to Properly Install Hurricane Shutters?

Hurricane shutters are one thing you don’t want to install wrong. It could lead to increased risk, damage, and injury. If you live in an area that frequently experiences hurricanes, they are a necessity. You need to take the time to install them correctly without taking any shortcuts.  

Following the tips and tricks found below means, you’ll have more effective shutters that will last longer. It’ll even save you money in the long run if you choose to have a real professional install your shutters.  

You’ll find out exactly how to install and maintain hurricane shutters below.  


Understanding How Hurricane Shutters Work 

It’s important to understand exactly what hurricane shutters do in order to install them correctly. Despite being used in areas with high wind, they actually don’t protect against wind. They stop debris from crashing through your window during storms. This means the integrity of the shutters needs to always be in tip-top shape. Installing them correctly is the best way to keep them in working order.  

There are two primary types of hurricane shutters – metal and polycarbonate. However, we’ll only be discussing how to install metal shutters because they are sturdier, last longer, and offer much more protection.  


Hurricane Shutter Installation 

The best hurricane shutters work with something called a track system. One of them is located above the window, and one of them is below it. The shutter is able to be installed and removed when necessary, and it’s still able to maintain its integrity thanks to this system.  

Each set of shutters is slightly different, so it’s always best to read the instructions. Generally speaking, you’ll mount the track system, and it will be installed permanently. They are installed via screws that are attached directly to your house. Next, you’ll carefully insert the shutters between the two tracks and mount them with bolts and nuts.  

It sounds simple, but precise installation is important in maintaining the effectiveness of your shutters.  


Hurricane Shutter Maintenance 

Conducting regular hurricane shutter maintenance is just as important in maintaining its integrity as proper installation.  

Proper maintenance begins with regular cleaning. Dirt, leaves, and other debris will build up in the tracks if you don’t regularly clean them. They will also be a hotspot for bees and other insects to nest. This is especially true when your shutters aren’t actually in use. That’s why it’s important to clean them regularly even when it’s not hurricane season.  

Lubricating your tracks and shutters are important too. You’ll be installing and removing shutters at least once a year, so you don’t want any hiccups when it comes to bolting in your shutters. Silicon lubricant is recommended over an oil-based type. Oily lubricants attract dust and other debris, making it harder to keep clean.  



The quality of your shutters is even more important than installing them correctly. That’s why you should always purchase from a reputable retailer like Palm Beach Aluminum. They can customize your shutters to your exact dimensions to make sure you get maximum protection. Contact us today for a free quote or view our website to see a gallery of our work. 


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