Hurricane Shutter Repair

The hurricane shutters on your home in Palm Beach County or Martin County offer a robust defensive structure against high-speed flying storm debris, hurricane-force winds, and heavy rains. Idyllically, storm shutters shield your window glass from damage, ensuring your possessions do not get exposed to flooding and wind damage. Accordion shutters and Bahamas shutters in Palm Beach County need not show visible signs of wear and must open and close smoothly. If yours don’t, schedule our professional storm shutter repair services at Palm Beach Aluminum.


Signs Your Hurricane Shutters Need Repairs

When your roll-up shutters or colonial shutters in Delray Beach or Riviera Beach have broken cranks or failing motors, you should schedule prompt storm shutter repair services to prevent further damage. Similarly, if the colonial shutters in your Jupiter, Florida home break or come off, or the metal shutters in your Riviera Beach home develop dings and dents, you should get these repaired immediately. The following are common signs your storm shutters need prompt repairs.


  • Your shutters’ hand cranks are broken.
  • The motors are failing in your electrically powered shutters.
  • Your aluminum or metal shutters have dents or dings.
  • The slats in your shutters are broken or missing.


The experienced and talented Palm Beach Aluminum staff of repair specialists has the tools and skills to handle any type of storm/hurricane shutter repair project. We do an excellent job repairing storm and hurricane shutters from colonial-style shutters, Bahamas shutters, and accordion shutters to roll-up shutters. Our qualified repair experts are committed to helping homeowners in Martin County and Palm Beach County handle all their hurricane shutter installation and repair. We serve clients in Delray Beach, Jupiter, Riviera Beach, and the surrounding areas.


Benefits of Hiring Professional Storm Shutter Repair Services

Regular professional hurricane shutter repair and maintenance allows specialists to repair and replace damaged components. Our staff has handled hundreds of similar projects and won’t disappoint in delivering exceptional services. Contact our technicians today and enjoy the following benefits:


Avoid Costly Mistakes

Unless you’re a long-established do-it-yourselfer, trying to repair or install your storm shutters yourself risks you making costly mistakes. An expert knows how to carefully handle the shutters, windows, and frames, ensuring nothing gets damaged. Shutter repairs require lots of manual work, and for an amateur, it might take hours or even days to complete a minor repair. At Palm Beach Aluminum, we are ready to repair your accordion shutters and Bahamas shutters in Palm Beach County. Whether you’re in Jupiter, Delray Beach, or Riviera Beach, our experienced repair specialists will finish the work within the agreed time.


Extend the Life of the Shutters

Lack of maintenance is one reason roll-up shutters wear out fast and deteriorate in value within a short period after installation. Not cleaning your shutters or getting failing motors and broken cranks repaired makes such problems bigger and more costly. Over time, they will damage your storm shutter systems, ultimately reducing their useful life.


When you notice that your system has issues closing or opening or the motors stop functioning, you shouldn’t wait long before calling a professional. Our qualified and experienced repairers at Palm Beach Aluminum have been repairing and installing shutters for over two decades now. Contact us today for free quotes!