Wooden Privacy Fences

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Wooden Privacy Fences

Upgrading your home’s exterior design doesn’t have to be hard with a small change like a wood privacy fence. These types of fences are the most common when it comes to protecting your home and lawn from looking unkempt. These types of fences are also a most common choice for those with pets and children who love to play in the yard. When it comes to keeping your home safe and still looking nice, a wooden fence can often provide everything you’re looking for.

Wood privacy fences are one of the most common choices because they are inexpensive and easy to maintain.

Wood privacy fences are one of the most common choices as mentioned above. Not just because they are cheap, but because they are the easiest to maintain and keep up to date and current no matter the season. Most wooden fences are easy to install and can create a beautiful look for both the front and back yards. While many will agree on the wood, there are different styles of privacy fences to choose from.

Board on Board for instance, is a popular in more rural areas as they can create a farm house look, and a old classic feel. These fences often alternate on either side of the fence, and are bonded together on a central rail. These fences are great for letting breeze pass through your lawn area on a warm day, or even just to leave around a small garden.

Lattice wooden privacy fences are often used in more residential areas, as they can create a beautiful alternative to a basic wooden fence. These types of privacy fences give off a lattice look on the top that gives it a more visual appeal. The only section on these fences that can be seen through is the very top of the lattice work.

Picket Fences are also a very common choice for those looking to bring a more appealing exterior to their home. These fences do not offer as much privacy, but do reveal a beautiful lawn and give an inviting look. This particular type was common in the older eras as it is a simple, elegant, and can be easily replaced and installed.

Convex and dog eared fences are also two more soothing and attractive styles of fence. The convex is a rounded top type that almost looks as if they were waves rolling in from the ocean tide. This is a fun home décor idea that can be used in both front and back yards. The Dog eared fence is somewhat similar, however the fence top is often a little more jagged. The curvature is often uneven, giving it a more uneven look, which might be unsettling for some. This type however is often used in apartment complexes and in homes that are of a different style in themselves.

Over all, no matter what type of wooden security fence is chosen, it is important to talk to the professionals for installation. While one might want to do everything as a DIY task, sometimes it is better to ask for help. The professionals will be able to tell you exactly what you are looking for, and how much it will cost for the area you are trying to conceal. No matter which you decide, your newly installed fence choice isn’t always permanent.