Why You Should Consider Getting a Screen Enclosure Installed

screen enclosures for outdoor living spaces

Why You Should Consider Getting a Screen Enclosure Installed

If you have an outdoor living area as an addition to your house, adding a screen enclosure may help you better utilize the space and make the most out of it. Getting a screen enclosure installed can change the entire look and feel of your house. If you’ve been thinking about whether or not you should take the leap and get an enclosure, read ahead and see why it might be a great idea. 

Benefits of Screen Enclosures

Screen enclosures add many benefits to any outdoor living space. Especially in Florida, being outside can be a hassle, and often you don’t feel like sitting out in the yard, on the patio, or by the pool. The extreme heat, the bugs, and the lack of privacy make it a difficult situation. However, a screen enclosure can get rid of all of those problems.  

  1. Increase the Livable Area of Your Home

By adding a screen enclosure, you can actually increase the square footage of your home. This increases the livable area. Also, a screen enclosure can help you use previously unlivable spaces like the backyard or the patio area. 

  1. Add Value to Your Property 

Screen enclosures can add value to your property and increase its resale value. If you’re on the market to sell, a screen enclosure is a feature that is likely to drive in more buyers because of all the benefits that it adds to your home.  

  1. Provide Protection and Freedom for Your Pets

If you’ve got pets that stay cooped up inside all day because you’re worried about them running off or getting lost outside, a screen enclosure can solve that problem. With an enclosure around your house and yard space, you can safely let your pets enjoy the outdoors without worrying about their whereabouts. 

  1. Protect Your Pool and Patio

Without any kind of covering or roof, your pool and patio can both get very dirty. The wind can blow in stray leaves, trash, and other impurities. This means having to sweep the patio and clean the pool every day. An enclosure would protect your spaces and keep them clean. 

  1. Make Your Outdoor Space Livable Despite Weather Conditions

The heat in Florida can be a huge deterrent to spending time outside. Screen enclosures can provide shade to your outdoor living space and also provide some insulation against extreme heat. The enclosure would also allow you to spend time outside in different weather conditions, even if it is raining or windy. 

  1. Offer Privacy

If you have a pool in your yard or a great patio but don’t get to spend much time utilizing either because they are in view of neighbors and other passersby, a screen enclosure would allow you to have full privacy. By getting a screen enclosure installed, you could lounge by your pool in your bathing suit or have lunch on your patio without worrying about being seen by anybody. 

  1. Keep Out Insects and Wildlife  

A screened-in backyard and patio area means that you can stay safe from insects and wildlife. No more worrying about mosquitoes biting you while you sunbathe in the lounger or raccoons breaking into your trash cans in the night. 

  1. Provide Protection to Your Plants 

If you like gardening or keeping a vegetable patch in your backyard, a screen enclosure can offer better protection to your plants and vegetables. Plants sensitive to sunlight, wind, rain, or pests can be better cared for if they are inside an enclosed space and are not at risk from outside factors. 

  1. Allow Nature into Your Home

With an enclosed outdoor space or backyard, you can leave your sliding doors open and allow more nature into your house. You can have a great breeze come into your house or have an open view of the pool while you sit in your living room. This can also make your house feel more spacious and peaceful. 

Palm Beach Aluminum – The Best Place for Getting a Screen Enclosure Installed

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