Why Choose Pool Enclosures?

Pool Screen Enclosures

Why Choose Pool Enclosures?

With pool enclosures, spend more time relaxing in the pool and less time cleaning it. If you are in Florida, you will understand how important it is to clean the pool because of harsh weather conditions. When you are building a backyard pool, investing in a pool enclosure is a wise decision. It not only meets safety requirements according to the regulations of the state of Florida but also it is a great barrier to insects, dried leaves and harsh sunlight.

Often the members of the family become busy in everyday lives and hence they keep postponing the cleaning of swimming pool. It is true that a pool is the best thing at a home as it allows your family to have fun all year round and also adds beauty to your home. But if a pool is kept in bad shape, it will not only bring harmful infections while swimming but also increase repair costs down the road. Pool enclosures are the best bet in changing weather conditions of Florida. It keeps you safe from harmful infections, UV rays and also helps in keeping it in great shape throughout the year.

Why Choose Pool Enclosures?

Pool enclosure is a lightweight structure that protects the pool from getting dirty. They can be customized according to the size and area of the pool. Pool enclosures can be a low line, medium line or high line.

  • The low height structure fully encloses the pool and does not block the view of your landscape garden or backyard.
  • The medium height pool enclosure can easily cover the entire pool and still do not hinder the view of your backyard. They are very strong and durable and allow you to freely move in the central part of the area.
  • The high pool enclosures are for those people, who want to create a beautiful leisure space. It allows you to move freely around the pool and also to spend time with your friends under a covered area.

Why Pool Enclosures?

  • The pool enclosures prevent the water from getting evaporated in hot and humid conditions.
  • They are designed to withstand high-velocity winds, providing extra protection during thunderstorms and hurricanes in Florida.
  • You can use the enclosure as an extension of your home by opening the gates to the pool area
  • The most important benefit of a pool enclosure is that it keeps the dirt, leaves, bugs and insects away from the pool.
  • It also provides security to everyone inside while swimming, by keeping away unwanted intruders.
  • With the pool enclosure installed, it is very easy to maintain the pool as it does not require regular cleaning.
  • The pool enclosures protect the swimmers from harmful UV rays during hot and sunny days.

Pool enclosures give lots of benefits to the property owners. They are very durable and strong to withstand high pressure and high-velocity winds. During winter, you also don’t have to keep heating the water as the pool enclosure will maintain the water temperature.