What To Consider When Choosing Residential Gates

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What To Consider When Choosing Residential Gates

Nowadays every home needs a gate. Besides enhancing the overall look of your home, residential gates also give you privacy and beefs up security. However, there is a lot to take into account when choosing a gate for your home.

Here are five points to consider.

1. Opening of the Gate

There are three types of residential gates, and there are different ways of opening each gate: the Internal swinging gate swings inward towards your property, the external swinging gate swings outward towards the street, and the sliding gate slides sideways behind your boundary wall.

Before choosing any one of these gates, consider the nature of your driveway. Does your driveway slope down towards your home? Does it slope towards the street? Or is it a flat surface? Gates also require space. Hence you should consider the length of your driveway and the space available for parking cars.

Residential Gates are great at enhancing the overall look of your home, as well as giving you privacy and beef up security.

2. Style of the Gate.

Some neighborhood place restrictions on driveway gates. If you live in such neighborhood, it is advisable to inform your gate and fencing expert before selecting a gate. You may also discuss with your neighborhood association or local council. You will also need to choose a residential gate that best suits the style of your home. For instance, a picket fence and gate is more appropriate for a colonial or Hampton style home. But you can choose to use sliding gates for a house with a contemporary architectural design.

3. Colour of the Gate

The color of your gate adds to the appeal and beauty of your home. The residential gate is one of the first things passersby tend to notice – the color, the design, the style as well as the material of the gate. Bear in mind that the technique of steel fencing and powder coating aluminum increases the durability of your gate.

4. Accessing the Gate

The level security and privacy you want will determine the method for accessing your gate.

Manual access: This is the simplest way of accessing your gate as it involves opening by hand. However, it can be inconveniencing especially during bad weather, or when you are in a rush.

Intercom access: This is the safest way of accessing your gate as there’s often a security camera to see who is coming in and leaving your premises.

Remote control access: You can choose to use a remote control to access your gate. This access method is hassle free.

Electronic code or swipe card access: This access method is quite sophisticated and convenient, but it requires giving out your key card or sharing your code with visitors who come in and out your house.

5. Powering the Gate

You can opt for solar powered gates, or you can simply run electric cables underground and use the power source of your house. But you will need to power your gate if you choose manual residential gates.

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