What Are Hurricane Windows & Do You Need Them in Palm Beach County?

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What Are Hurricane Windows & Do You Need Them in Palm Beach County?

Many people decide to install hurricane windows in their homes because they offer security and safety against hurricanes. Hurricane windows are securely sealed, which helps you effectively keep the storm winds from entering your house. Below are the advantages of installing hurricane windows in Palm Beach to provide the necessary protection for your home.

1. Energy Saving

One significant benefit of hurricane windows in Florida is that they help you save more on your energy bills. The fantastic feature of hurricane windows is that they are tightly shut, which prevents heat from escaping your rooms or house. The heat insulates inside the house better than the air conditioner does. This way, you can save money on your electrical bills during the summer and winter.

2. Real Estate Value

Homeowners with hardy buildings with hurricane windows in Florida can expect higher real estate values. The most common type of hurricane windows is the impact-resistant variety. This kind of heavy-duty window makes it difficult to break through them with extreme winds and rains. Potential buyers will pay more because of the value of their property and will be much more confident about the safety of their investment.

3. Hurricane Protection

No one likes to experience the destruction brought about by natural disasters. Your property will be safer from hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions with high impact windows. While the damage to your house can be extensive, you will have a secure building that protects you from the storm.

The hurricane protection of these windows is superior to the best available models because they have a strong frame, a steel-reinforced body, and tempered glass. At Palm Beach Aluminum, we provide aluminum fabrication and installation services for both homes and businesses in Palm Beach.

4. Increased Security

Another benefit of Palm Beach hurricane windows is that they can help prevent burglars from entering your property. Many burglars can break through the deadbolt locks and shatter glass, but the high impact windows present a formidable obstacle to thieves. They are made with solid glass and resilient steel, so they will not be easily broken or pried apart.

5. They Offer Optimum Noise Reduction

One advantage of hurricane windows is that they significantly reduce the everyday sounds in your home. The glass used in these windows and doors is soundproof and deadens loud noises. It can help you improve your quality of life at home, as there will be fewer disturbances in the house.


Hurricane windows are essential safety features because they can help protect your house from harsh natural elements. Our team of experienced professionals can design and install high-quality, durable, and robust hurricane windows for your home or business. We have provided solutions to ensure your peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Palm Beach Aluminum for the installation of these windows. We provide the best prices and quality service in Palm Beach.