Ways To Determine if Your Hurricane Shutters Need Replacement

Man inspecting hurricane shutters

Ways To Determine if Your Hurricane Shutters Need Replacement

Hurricane shutters offer more than protection to your home. A perfect shutter style can change the appearance of your home, making it look attractive to visitors. Here are tell-tale signs that your home needs hurricane shutter installation.

Cracked Shutters

Cracked shutters are the most common indication that your aluminum shutters need a replacement. One of the common causes of hurricane shutter cracking is flying debris. This is especially true during heavy storms. These objects collide with your shutters, causing them to crack.

Another cause of hurricane shutter cracks is high winds. If your shutters aren’t correctly installed, they won’t be able to protect your house.

Damaged Framing

Another indication that your shutters need replacement is damaged or rotting framing. After too many years, the wood trims of your shutter will become affected by heat and water and start to rot. Rotting wood can be a great source of termites and other pests. To avoid this, your shutters should be inspected yearly, especially if you live in a tropical climate area.

Loose and Rattling Shutter

If the shutters are not properly hung, the wood can loosen, and dust can build up underneath. A loose or rattling shutter may be caused by even minor changes in temperature or weather conditions. To prevent this from happening, ensure your shutters are hung adequately by professional contractors. Also, install new screws every year to avoid damaging them in the future.

Improper Storm Seal

Exposure to sun, water and wind will cause your storm seal’s paint to peel off. A storm seal is a plastic sheet placed on top of your shutter glass panels to protect them from water and wind. If you notice that the paint on your storm seal is peeling off, it is time for you to call a professional for hurricane shutter replacement.

Window Jamming

Another sign that your home needs new hurricane shutter installation is window jamming. If the window of your home gets jammed by the heavy wind, it won’t open or close properly. This can be a significant safety hazard as you might have to retrieve the chains or chainsaw to cut the door open or close it.

Outdated Technology

Shutters keep evolving, with new features added each year. If you purchased aluminum shutters a couple of years ago, you are more likely to miss advanced features that offer extra protection. Today’s shutters are designed with thermal breaks and low e-glass and are double-glazed to offer optimal protection.

Broken Chains

Hurricane shutters won’t close properly if the chains are broken. Without proper chains, your frame cannot withstand the wind pressure or any other hazards that can come against it. This is a sign of Hurricane Shutters Replacement that you shouldn’t ignore.

If you notice any of the above signs, consider replacing your hurricane shutters immediately. In this case, contact Palm Beach Aluminum for professional assistance. In addition to replacing shutters, we also install screen enclosures for your pool or patio to protect you from unwanted pests.