Things You Should Know Before Buying Casement Windows

Room with casement windows

Things You Should Know Before Buying Casement Windows

Installing  these windows means taking precise measurements. It takes plenty of skill to ensure a proper seal. Your window installation contractor should have solid experience to do the job right. Here are some important things to know before you call your contractor and pick out a design.

These Windows Are Often a Custom Order

These types of windows are one of the best kinds to choose if you need or want a custom window. They are great for many spaces around the house. They are easy to open using the crank. Many people like to put them in places that have an obstacle. They are frequently found over sinks because they are so easy to open.

They Offer Incredible Ventilation

Whether you want a casement window with a screen or screen-free types, you’ll breathe easier with these. These windows only open vertically. The casement structure helps more air flow through the building. The large surface of the casement contributes to the air flow quality. These windows also open a full 90 degrees since they have a crank and a special hinge system.

Your Screens Will Be Inside the Frame

Casement windows with a screen have the screens attached to the inside of the frame. This is because these types of windows only open outward. The screen must be on the inside so that you can open the window safely.

You Can Get Them in Large Sizes

These types of windows are great for people who love oversize windows. You can get them in one, two, three, four, or five-lite designs. They do not have any bars on them. They are one of the best windows for areas that need extra light. The casement frame is one reason you can get these windows in such large sizes.

They Have a Romantic Look

People love the old-fashioned look of these windows. They are often wood. You can also get them in vinyl. Many window manufacturers make them with extra-thick glass and high-grade glass as well.

Note that you will need to make sure there is extra space around the outside of the window. This might mean moving a shrub or trimming a tree more frequently. The extra space on the outside may affect the final look of your new windows.

They Are Great for Humid or Moisture-prone Areas

You should ask your contractor about installing casement windows in spaces that have a lot of moisture. These windows have notable sealing. They are less prone to getting moisture between the panes than other types. People often put them in bathrooms, kitchens, and areas of the house near a pool.

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