The Top 3 Advantages of Impact Rollups in Palm Beach Gardens


The Top 3 Advantages of Impact Rollups in Palm Beach Gardens

One of the biggest challenges impacting the residents of South Florida is the adverse weather conditions.

The statistics show that the region had a total of 49 storms since record-keeping began. Out of this number 16 were rated in the most severe categories between three and five.

The key to preparing is to plan ahead to protect your home or business against extensive damage. Impact rollups are the best solutions given their strength and durability. Here are the top three advantages of using impact rollups in Palm Beach Gardens to protect your home or business.


Rollup shutters provide a layer of security that is strong and deters any potential thieves and looters. After severe storms (such as hurricanes), everything is in chaos and criminals exploit this uncertainty. They are looking for homes and businesses to break in and steal as many valuables as possible.

Impact rollups withstand the wind and flying debris to protect your property. These shutters are fully intact after the storms and give you the protection you need. Our rollups have side locks that keep everything secure and are difficult to break off using things such as bolt cutters.

We recommend having these solutions to give your property the extra levels of security you need. You never have to worry about someone breaking a window and entering the property so easily.

Palm Beach Aluminum offers free quotes on any of our different impact rollups for your home or business. We give you professional installation and service, so you can get the best solutions to protect your property.


In your home or business, there are times when you want total privacy. Impact rollups in Palm Beach Gardens gives you these solutions by blocking out the noise and anyone seeing inside. You can have private gatherings or meetings and never worry about intrusions from the people walking around outside.

For example, if you are having a party with lots of dignitaries, these are the perfect solution for you. You roll down the shutter and lock it in place until you no longer need the extra privacy.

We recommend this for those that want to prevent prying eyes from looking inside the property whenever they want.

Palm Beach Aluminum has over 24 years of experience serving Palm Beach and Martin Counties. We know the importance of privacy and will give you the best solutions to protect it.


The summers in South Florida have the sun shining directly overhead with the heat and humidity. Rollup shutters give you extra shade and reduce the heat from entering your property during some of the hottest times of the day.

We encourage you to install impact rollups to give you the ability to withstand South Florida’s sun.

Palm Beach Aluminum is the place to find the best shutters that match your needs. We work with numerous manufacturers including Therma-Tru, PGT, and Lawson Industries just to name a few.

Go with the Best to Get the Quality You Deserve!

These are a few of the benefits that impact rollups will provide to your property. Call Palm Beach Aluminum today at 561-621-1529 and let us help you to find the perfect rollups or impact shutters in Palm Beach Gardens.

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