The Best Hurricane Shutters Among Shutters Available in the Market

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The Best Hurricane Shutters Among Shutters Available in the Market

Hurricane shutters have robust reinforcement and strong materials. They can withstand flying objects and wind blasts. Hurricane shutters are either constructed with functionality or decoration in mind. Colonial and Bahama shutters emphasize adornment. Storm shutters offer permanent protection against hurricanes. So many features differentiate between different shutters available in the market. The following are top-notch features of the best hurricane shutters.

Functionality and Extra-Features

The features and functions of the aluminum hurricane shutter systems should be the core point of concern. Top-rated hurricane shutter installers in West Palm Beach will tell you that all shutters aren’t the same. Shutter systems like the rolling-style options serve best as security shutters. On the other hand, storm shutters serve as robust hurricane resistors. Bahama-style shutters are suitable for reinforcing the beauty and security of your home. Before buying, understand the features and functionality of every hurricane shutter.

Types of the Hurricane Shutters

Before selecting an aluminum hurricane panel system, understand your home styling and decor. Different hurricane shutters fit best for homes styled and decorated differently. Bahama shutters deliver a beautiful Caribbean style to your property while keeping it cooler. They also provide shade and UV control. Colonial shutters add a southern-style beauty to your home while protecting against harsh storms. Roll-down shutters add a minimalist design and protect your home against hurricanes. Storm panels are removable solutions yet very durable and hard-wearing. Lastly, accordion shutters are cheaper, similarly attractive choices.

Installation and Costs

Aluminum hurricane panels and fabric shutters are cost-effective and require less complex installation. You can install hurricane fabrics and panels without hiring a professional shutter installer. Colonial, Bahama, and accordion shutters are slightly costly to buy and install. You can’t install these hurricane shutters by yourself. As for storm and roll-up shutters, they are pretty expensive and require a professional. Hire hurricane shutter installers with years of professional practice for an excellent job.

Durability and Resilience

Hurricane shutters’ core objective is to protect your windows and door against harsh outdoor weather. The overall shutter construction should speak resilience and durability for a long-lasting service. Manufacturers use three core materials to create hurricane shutters: polycarbonate, aluminum, and steel. Polycarbonate shutters are cheaper but not very strong. Steel hurricane shutters in West Palm Beach have terrific strength and durability. They can withstand almost every hurricane speed. Steel hurricane shutters can last up to 10 years with minimal care and maintenance.

Ease of Use and Storage

When buying hurricane shutters, determine the ease of use and storage options. Most aluminum hurricane panel models have unique housing. The colonial-style shutters don’t need a housing unit for storage like other shutter styles. Different hurricane shutters have unique operation mechanisms. The roll-down style shutters have a motor that makes them easy to operate. Other shutters, especially the colonial-style options, use a hand crank, which makes them a bit difficult to operate. Before selecting hurricane shutters, find out the complexity involved in storage and operation.

Aluminum hurricane shutter systems shield your doors and windows against harsh hurricane weather. The installation of these shutters needs a professional for smooth and long-lasting operations. For all your hurricane shutter installation and repair needs, contact the team at Palm Beach Aluminum.