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Screen Enclosure

Every one of you must have dreamt for a big living space but of course it requires a huge amount of investment. However, you don’t need to worry if you are unable to spend a big sum of money on the real estate as we have a perfect solution for you. Nowadays, you can easily use a screen patio or Florida room to your business or home that will enhance the living space and square footage of your real estate. The best thing about the screen enclosure is that you can easily afford it. These days, custom screen enclosure is much inn and it’s possible to add a design of your choice.

Benefits of Screen Enclosure

If you have a backyard or pool in Florida, then screen enclosure is necessary. In addition to the extremely hot climate of Florida, the bugs and insects also motivate the property owners to install a screen enclosure. There are several benefits of screen enclosures to your living environment and home. Let’s have a look at some of these benefits.

• Protection from wildlife, pests and bugs
• Provides more shade and protection against the UV rays of sun
• Protection against rain
• Provides room for outdoor dining
• Preservation of outdoor flooring and furniture
• Keeps the debris out such as buds, leaves, pine cones, mulch, flowers, grass clippings, dirt, etc
• It becomes easy to clean the pool
• Offers privacy from the outsiders
• It extends the life of pool
• Residents can enjoy the patio area and pool throughout the year

You would be able to get all these benefits no matter whether you install a roof-covered outdoor patio or a plain screen enclosure.

From Where to Get Screen Enclosure

If you are searching for the best and custom screen enclosures in Florida, then Palm Beach Aluminum Inc. is the perfect choice for you. It doesn’t matter how big or small your pool or living area is as the company will design a suitable screen enclosure as per your requirement. We also offer the strengthening and rescreening of your current screen enclosure in addition to installing the new one. You will be satisfied to know that our company uses stainless steel and ceramic coated hardware therefore; you don’t need to worry about the quality of work.

Simply let us know whatever ideas you have in your mind regarding the patio screen enclosures. We assure you to provide 100% guaranteed work. With Palm Beach Aluminum Inc, you can get the following services.

• Custom Pool and Patio Enclosures
• Custom Concrete Slabs
• Insulated Aluminum Roofs
• Custom Paver Decks
• Sunroom Additions
• Footers

Request a free estimate by making us a phone call (561-844-8285) or simply fill up the given form on our official website. Keep your pool and living area free from any kind of debris and enjoy living in Florida!