Why You Should Replace Your Windows With Impact Glass Windows

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Why You Should Replace Your Windows With Impact Glass Windows

Even though impact glass windows have been in existence long before now, their high cost makes a lot of people shy away from them. However, the recent Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria that came in quick succession have made people have second thought. Impact Glass Windows and doors would have drastically reduced the impact of the hurricanes on their homes.

Here some of the important reasons you should consider replacing your windows with Impact Glass Windows.

Hurricane protection

Impact glass windows are more effective in protecting your home against hurricane and other weaker storms. A lot of people prefer to install standard window and add hurricane shutters. Apart from the fact that both of them together will not protect your home from hurricanes like impact glass windows, their collective cost usually exceeds that of impact glass windows.


You are not likely going to replace your impact window once installed. They are very tough and durable so they usually last a life time. This also makes them cost effective. You could change standard windows twice or thrice in a building but you may never change impact windows once.

Peace of mind

Wherever you are, if a storm approaches, you won’t rush back home to prepare your house for the storm. You already know that impact windows will protect your house.

Protection against burglary

Impact glass windows also protect your home from burglary. It is virtually impossible to break into homes with both impact windows and doors.

Insurance premium discount

Installing impact resistant windows and doors in your home could earn you up to 45 percent discount in premium. While many insurance companies may not give you up to 45 percent discount, they will give you some discounts. Imagine how much this will save you over a long period of time.

Protection against ultra violet rays of the sun

These windows have the ability to protect your home from the UV rays of the sun. Long term exposure to the sun can make your photos, furniture and flooring fade out quicker. However, these windows can prevent that. They will reduce the direct impact of sun rays on the items.

Energy efficiency

The world is much more aware of energy efficiency. The most important factor buyers consider before buying any appliance is its level of energy efficiency. These windows offer energy efficiency. During the cold days of winter, they help to retain heat to keep the occupants warm and in summer, they absorb cool air from outside to keep occupants cool and dry.

So, your air conditioning unit or HVAC will work less. When they work less, they will consume less energy. The difference may not be so much in your monthly energy bill, but it can accumulate into a big saving over a long period of time. For more information contact Palm Beach Aluminum.