Repair or Replace: What Should You Do With Your Hurricane Shutters?

Worker inspecting hurricane shutters

Repair or Replace: What Should You Do With Your Hurricane Shutters?

Hurricane season can do a lot of damage to homes around Florida. You never know when the next big one will hit and require that your family evacuate for your safety. Adding shutters to your home is one of the best things you can do to protect yourself. They keep the wind from breaking your windows and can increase your home’s safety. Before the season hits, find out whether you need professional hurricane shutter replacements or if you can repair them.

Amount of Damage

Now is a good time to look at your shutters and see how much damage they sustained over the years. If they are in fairly good shape and don’t show many signs of damage, consider fixing them. When you have shutters that are barely attached to your home and worn down by the weather, contact Palm Beach Aluminum to replace them. With the new hurricane shutter installation, you get more protection from future storms.


Shutters come in a few different types that include aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Wood shutters have a traditional look that some like, but they can show a lot of damage and weathering over the years. Vinyl shutters are more resistant to weather damage and come in a variety of colors but usually do not last as long. Aluminum shutters are affordable and come in the colors you want. They also stand up well to weather conditions, though you may see some dents after a big storm. If you want to use a different type of shutter, opt for new ones.


Another thing to consider is whether you like the style of your shutters. If you like the current shutters and they’re in good condition, you can keep them for another few seasons. Hire a local company to make any of the repairs that you need. If you want to update your home and keep it safe, replace the shutters. You can easily choose a new style and design or hurricane shutters that give your home a facelift.


Look for a company that offers both hardware and hurricane shutter replacement to give them a new look quickly. Instead of replacing all the shutters, you can just change the hardware. You might even need to replace old hardware that came off during a recent storm. Not only do you need hardware that keeps the shutters attached to your home, but they also need to keep them closed when high winds rush by. You have the option of fixing any damaged hardware or components you don’t like as well as replacing them based on how much you want to spend.

Aluminum shutters designed for hurricane season reduce the destruction to your home and keep your family safe. Consider the style, total amount, and type of damage, type, and hardware as you decide whether you replace or repair them. Contact Palm Beach Aluminum to schedule a time for hurricane shutter installation if you decide that replacing the shutters is the best option.