Protect Your Home and Save Money with Impact Windows

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Protect Your Home and Save Money with Impact Windows

Impact windows are a worthwhile investment for homeowners in Central and South Florida. You may have considered purchasing your own but have shied away from it because it’s such a big investment. While these windows can be costly, they offer peace of mind when a severe storm or hurricane passes through. Hurricane season may be behind us, but another is just around the corner. Isn’t it time to protect your family against the worst? Here are five reasons they are a worthwhile investment.

Better Protection

This first reason is also the most obvious. Homeowners buy durable windows to protect themselves against strong winds and debris flying at high speeds. Unlike traditional windows, they can withstand hurricane winds and other storm-related hazards without breaking. Your windows and doors act as one of the first lines of defense during a storm. As a result, they are usually the first to suffer severe damage.

Furthermore, if your home is old, it is recommended that you purchase high-impact windows. If your home was built before Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and hasn’t been renovated since, then it did not pass the new building code standards that ensure structures can withstand hurricane winds. We always recommend that our clients purchase both windows and doors if their home was built before 1992. Visit Palm Beach Aluminum, Inc. for installs in Palm Beach County and Martin County.

Lower Energy Bill

If you haven’t made a purchase because of the high cost, you’re in for a surprise. These types of windows can help save you money. Because of the hot and humid climate, many homeowners rely on their AC year-round. If this describes you, then you may want to ensure that no air is escaping through your windows. If you can see gaps or light, there is a strong possibility that this is happening. Windows that are properly sealed, like high-impact windows, can save homeowners up to 60% annually on their energy bills.

Discount on Homeowners Insurance 

Another way you can save money is with your homeowner’s insurance. Insurance companies generally offer Florida residents discounts when they install hurricane windows and doors. Why? Because Florida is hurricane-prone, which takes us back to our original reason to buy new windows: safety. With hurricane windows, you become far less likely to use your hurricane coverage. You are guaranteed a discount, but the exact amount will depend on your insurance provider. It’s also important to note that every opening in your home, such as your doors, needs to be protected to receive a discount. This is still an effective means of reducing the consistently rising cost of insurance premiums.

Mitigate Property Damage

We make the necessary storm preparations to protect ourselves, but also to protect our home from damage. By protecting your home in every possible way, you’re less likely to incur damages. The technology behind storm windows ensures an efficient product and advancements continue to improve every year. This will provide you and your family with much-needed peace of mind.

Increased Property Value 

Even if you don’t plan on living in your home for the rest of your life, this is still a valuable investment. Safety is a huge selling point with prospective buyers. Impact windows will keep homeowners safe in many ways. For example, not only will it protect residents from tropical storms and hurricanes, but also against intruders. Residential break-ins generally increase after a hurricane. When robbers try to break into a home, one method of entrance is to shatter the windows. However, they won’t get very far when you purchase PGT Custom Windows that are designed with strong and durable acrylic and glass.

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