Impact glass doors From Palm Beach Aluminium

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Impact glass doors From Palm Beach Aluminium

With hurricanes and storms common in and around Florida, it becomes important for all the residents to install high-quality impact glass doors in their homes. Storms and hurricanes are a common occurrence in the coastal regions, thereby increasing the chances of property loss. Because of regular hurricanes and storms, South Florida has updated their codes and made it mandatory for everyone to build their homes with storm-resistant materials. When you install a normal glass door, it shatters very easily and hence, allowing strong winds enter your homes. If the envelope of a home is breached through broken doors, the wind might enter the home and increase the pressure, thereby lifting the roof and pushing the walls outward. Installing impact glass will strengthen the doors and reduce the impact of hurricanes and hence, protect the homes.

Impact glass doors comprise of two laminated impact-resistant glasses that are sandwiched by a Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB).

The inner membrane of PVB is a thin clear film that holds the two laminated glasses together. Even if the glass shatters because of strong winds from hurricanes, the film will hold the shattered glass, preventing the wind from entering your homes. Basically, it maintains the structure of the doors and keeps the air pressure away from the homes.

Palm Beach Aluminium is an experienced and expert provider of impact glass doors for your homes. We have several years of experience in providing top-quality impact-resistant glass doors and windows to the homes and commercial establishments that are located near the coastal areas. We manufacture doors and windows of different shapes, designs, colours and sizes to suit the requirements of the homes. We also handle unique requirements from our clients and offer them the best services to suit their home decor.

Why Choose Impact glass doors From Palm Beach Aluminium?

We have an accomplished team of experts, right from design and manufacturing to implementation and installation of Impact glass doors and windows.

• Our Impact glass doors provide maximum protection from strong winds resulting from hurricanes and storms
• These glass doors protect you and your home from harmful UV rays and it also keeps your home cool
• These doors keep unwanted intruders away from your home, thereby protecting you from thefts
• They are also very energy efficient as it keeps your home warm during winter by retaining the heat
• When you install Impact glass doors and windows, you are entitled to get discounts on your insurance premium amount
• They are very durable and affordable and therefore, there are little chances for replacing them

Palm Beach Aluminium provides the best solution for protecting your home, mainly from the impact of hurricanes and storms. We manufacture and install impact glass doors and windows of top most quality ensuring highest customer satisfaction. We have established a benchmark in Impact Glass industry as we have expert resources and industry expertise. So, contact us for a free estimate and get Impact glass doors installed at affordable prices.