How To Make Good Looking Bamboo Gates

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How To Make Good Looking Bamboo Gates

A special feature in the garden can make the garden really appealing. It can be a fountain, lighting or a shed, for example. Gates and fencing which are unique can also make a big difference. The use of various textures can be something to think about as well. More people are using bamboo these days to bring out the character in their garden. This can work very well. It gives the outdoor area a sense of charm and it is definitely something to try out. It is not difficult to learn how to make these types of gates.

What You Need to Make Bamboo Gates

This will depend on the design and how simple the structure is. You have to think about the practical features. For example, when you have a gate in the driveway, this needs to be strong because you will obviously be using it on a daily basis. It will take some wear and tear and you have to focus on the security issues as well. A small garden gate is a lot easier to make.

Bamboo Gates can be installed pretty much anywhere in your home and will add value to your home as well.

Basically, you will need bamboo, hinges, along with a good lock. You will need a drill and screws as well as a hacksaw.

How to Get Started with Your Bamboo Gate

You have to decide on the size of the gate. This needs to be measured before you place in the poles. Leave a small gap on each side where the gate can open and close. This should be about ½ an inch. The bamboo you insert will depend on the style of the gate. There are a variety available which can be more decorative or rustic in nature. Start off by laying one piece in the far right corner and stretching it over to the bottom left corner. Do the same on the other side. Cut pieces of bamboo and lay them on top, next to one another.

Decide on the Style of Your Bamboo Gates

The style of the gate is more of a personal thing. Some people enjoy the traditional formal look. Others, may enjoy the character of the Japanese gate which has been around for ages. This can make a nice feature in the garden. Installing the latch on the gate is something to look into more seriously.

If you are not DIY focused, it is worthwhile finding someone who knows more about this. You need to look into these practical features, otherwise you are obviously going to become frustrated. Make sure the screws are drilled in the right places and the gate opens and closes with ease. Every so often you will have to maintain the gate. Make sure that the screws are in place and the latch is secure.