Keep Those Pesky Bugs Out with Proper Screen Repair

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Keep Those Pesky Bugs Out with Proper Screen Repair

Bugs are fascinating to some but annoying to many. However, most of us can agree that they are a nuisance, especially in homes. Common bugs found inside homes include cockroaches, mosquitos, ants, silverfish, spiders, earwigs, flies, ants, and more. There are so many, aren’t there? No one likes flies buzzing in their ears or hosting cockroaches during dinnertime. 

Besides being annoying, they are also harmful to adults, children, and even pets. Bugs like bees, scorpions, and wasps might cause painful stings, while mosquitos, ticks, and fleas might carry transmittable diseases to humans and pets. They are also a major contributor to asthma and allergy attacks. 

However, not all is lost when it comes to fighting against bugs. There is a solution – screening. Proper screen repair is the most effective way to keep those nasty bugs out of your bedrooms, kitchens, bathroom, and basically the entire house. 

Proper Screen Repair 

Many people keep their doors and windows open to allow for natural ventilation. However, most times opening windows does not just mean letting fresh air in but also welcoming uninvited guests as well. 

Screen enclosures, window screens, and door screens allow you to keep the bugs and insects away without restricting light and fresh air. So, your home will be bug-free without stopping air or light in! You can keep your windows open without thinking twice about it. 

It is important to choose a fine screen or 20-mesh to keep out most bugs and pests. Do not forget that bugs are tiny creatures that can sneak in through cracks and tears in existing screens; therefore, screen enclosure maintenance is also necessary.

You can use a scissor or screwdriver to carefully push any broken threads and wires back into their place. If there are any holes that are big enough to let bugs in, you can add a coat of clear nail polish or household cement to seal them.

If the screen has loosened from the sides or corners, you can temporarily fix it by reattaching the screen with staples for wooden frames and a splining tool for aluminum frames. We recommend calling a professional to help you out with any major issues with your existing screens. Call Palm Beach Aluminum experts to resolve your screening issues at once.  

Few Other Tips to Keep Bugs Away 

Apart from repairing your screens, you can also try these tips and tricks to keep bugs away from your home: 

Clean the Screens 

Make it a habit to wash and clean the screens regularly to remove accumulated dust and debris. If the screens are dirty, it is more likely that they will attract more bugs and insects. All you need to do is carefully remove the screens from your doors and windows, clean them with a mild unscented detergent, and rinse and dry well. Put the screens back and enjoy a bug-free fresh environment once again. 

Spray Insect Repellent on the Screens 

Spray some bug spray or insect repellent on your screens, preferably once daily. If the humidity is high where you live, spray it once in the morning and then at night. This will ensure that bugs don’t even come near your screen, let alone inside your home. 

Dry Out Damp Areas 

Many home-invading bugs, including silverfish, cockroaches, house centipedes, etc., love to hang around in damp places. Ensure to fix any leaky drain, pipes, and faucets and run a humidifier in damp places such as the basement and attic, preventing bug infestation. 

Keep the Outsides Clean 

Compost bins, yard waste, and firewood stacks are excellent hiding places for insects and pests. Regularly clean your backyard and patio and remove standing water and weeds. If not cleaned regularly, it can become a breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects. 

Light Citronella Candles 

Citronella is a strong component making it an excellent insect repellent. Place a few unlit candles on the window ledge or near entryways. The scent of the wax will keep the bugs away. You can also rub citronella oil all over the screens. However, if you are sensitive to strong scents, avoid citronella altogether, as it can irritate some people. 

Say Goodbye to Bugs With the Help of Palm Beach Aluminum 

If you are looking for screen repair and screen enclosure maintenance in Palm Beach, Florida, contact Palm Beach Aluminum. Our team of experienced installers will ensure you get the finest service and care. For more details call (561) 621 1529 or email at and learn about our services.