The Need For Impact Glass

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The Need For Impact Glass

We have long used technology and innovation to help us make life easier for ourselves, especially when it comes to home and automobiles. This being said; if one looks at all the advances that have come up to make homes and automobiles safer, more resilient…they might conclude that enough has been done.

But if people were to factor in something as important as weather, it’s quite clear that more needs to be done. Take areas – such as Florida – that are prone to hurricanes. The sheer destructive force and damage afterwards have made companies rethink some of the material used.

And just as cars used to use plate glass, plate glass has long been a hazard during hurricane season, breaking of into large sharp shards that are quite potentially lethal. A person only needs to think of how hard it is to pick up a drinking glass if it’s dropped: the prospect of being cut is great, especially during a hurricane. Not only did builders decide to reinforce the structures at risk, but add impact glass for greater safety.

Impact glass provides more safety since it adheres to the frame, lessening the risk of injury or fatality from flying debris during harsh weather.

Impact glass is essentially 2 panes of laminated glass bonded together with a layer of air before adding a third pane for insulation while that air pocket reduces heat transfer. The entire reason is for 2 things: to be able to withstand multiple impacts at 30 to 50 miles an hour of a 2X4 that’s about 9 pounds, and that if it were to break, it would stay stuck in the reinforced window or door frame.

But people should not get the impression that impact glass won’t break. Rather, it will take a significant amount of force for it to be broken. Since the area is well-known for hurricanes and tropical storms, Florida uses a vendor to ensure the glass is safe. So safe, it exceeds the 2010 building codes that Florida has in place.

When a hurricane hits, and breaks a window, expect wind to enter to premises. With impact glass, there’s more safety since it adheres to the frame, lessening the risk of injury or fatality from flying glass. It’s also designed to bubble up when broken, so that there are no shards flying around, and making it easier to clean with implements like a shop vac. Add to that strengthened door and window frames that are designed in mind to withstand flying debris and hurricane force winds, it’s no wonder many people still feel comfortable and safe living in a high hurricane risk area such as Florida.

So if an individual – or individuals – wants the best of both worlds: consistent hurricane protection while not having the dwelling look like a war zone or even a mental institution, they might want to get a free estimate from Palm Beach Aluminum at 561-844-8285.