Impact Windows vs. Average Windows: What Are the Major Differences?

Window in an aluminum frame

Impact Windows vs. Average Windows: What Are the Major Differences?

When deciding between impact windows and average windows, you need to consider several key differences. Impact windows have been designed specifically to withstand the force of strong winds, flying debris, and other extreme weather events that can occur during severe storms and hurricanes. Average windows come in many different styles and materials but lack the protection from inclement weather that impact-resistant glass does.

1. Durability

High impact windows are high-performance protection for your home and provide durability against high winds and high ambient temperatures. These windows are designed to keep out extreme weather conditions like hurricanes or storms. They have unique qualities that allow them to withstand high pressures and impacts while still being light enough to install.

With high-impact windows, you get the assurance that your windows won’t shatter if they come into contact with high-pressure winds, a critical factor in storm preparedness. Investing in high impact windows is a great way to protect your home from potential storm damage while saving money on future repairs or replacements should any issue arise.

2. Security

Fixed impact windows offer homeowners another level of security that regular average glass windows don’t have. They use a strong frame and reinforced locks that increase intruders’ difficulty getting in compared to other window models.

On top of that, fixed impact windows are made with laminated glass – several protective layers fused – making it much more resistant to shattering, increasing the obstacles an intruder would have to face. This extra layer of protection makes fixed impact windows a great choice for those looking for peace of mind.

3. Cost

Impact windows generally cost more than average windows due to their extra features and enhanced protection. However, they can be more economical in the long run because of the money saved on energy bills and home insurance premiums.

4. Insulation

Impact windows in West Palm Beach provide superior insulation compared to average windows. The double pane construction, which traps air between panes, creates a buffer of insulation against outdoor noise and temperatures while lowering energy costs by better regulating the temperature within the home.

Additionally, the solid window frame makes it harder for outside air to pass through your home, further cutting back on energy loss. With increased insulation from impact windows in West Palm Beach, you can feel confident knowing that your utility bills will reflect savings during both summer and winter.

5. UV Protection

Impact windows in West Palm Beach offer an invaluable extra layer of UV protection. This shielding is essential for preventing the premature fading and deterioration of furniture, items on your walls, curtains, carpets, and any other interior items vulnerable to lengthy exposure to direct sunshine.

Unlike average windows, which often fail to provide this crucial protection, impact windows are laminated with a special coating that blocks out these harmful rays, so your home remains looking its best for years.

6. Appearance

Impact windows offer a stylish and contemporary look compared to average windows, adding value and aesthetic appeal to your home. Impact windows are constructed of fused panes of glass that are secured in a frame – making them resistant to severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes and high winds.

They also come in various colors, shapes, and designs to customize your home. Not only do impact windows help protect your property from environmental damage and theft, but they also enhance the interior design of your property, creating a more pleasing look for both homeowners and visitors alike.

7. Maintenance

When it comes to windows, maintenance can be an overwhelming task. Taking the time to keep them looking clean and functional is a must, but traditional windows are difficult to maintain. Impact windows are a fantastic alternative because they require little to no maintenance.

Average windows tend to get foggy and dirty over time due to their open-close functions, but impact windows don’t have this problem since they remain in the same place once installed, meaning there are no moving parts that need continual cleaning or lubrication. This makes them incredibly easy to keep up for many years and is one of the best advantages of having impact windows.

The largest difference between impact windows and average windows is their protection level. So if you are ready to explore the possibilities of making your home or office more secure with impact windows, please contact Palm Beach Aluminum today so we can discuss your options.