Impact Window Repair

Man cleaning newly installed impact windows

Impact Window Repair

In the event of a natural disaster, high winds or hail can have a dramatic impact on your Palm Beach and South Florida home’s exterior. The sky becomes dark and ominous as wind-borne debris is drawn towards the Earth in an unstoppable force. As you stand in the wake of destruction, shards of glass litter your property as storm clouds quickly dissipate over your head. When these events happen, windows are often left broken with only shattered panes remaining. This is when impact window repair company in Palm Beach and South Florida can save the day.


Increase Curb Appeal

You want to display your home for sale, but you need the windows to work properly and look amazing. A broken window won’t help a potential buyer see your home’s unique qualities. A broken window tanks the value of an otherwise valuable home. In some cases, the damage can be beyond repair, and it will be necessary to replace the entire window.


It’s important that you get your window fixed as soon as possible. You can quickly improve your curb appeal by repairing the window and replacing the broken glass with high-quality, custom-made glass. This, in turn, can increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers.


Maximize Energy Efficiency

Glass windows can provide nearly 70% of the insulation in a house. When your window is broken, this percentage diminishes as the glass cracks and breaks into tiny pieces. When you hire a company to replace the glass in your windows, you can increase its insulation quality by 50%. Maximizing the efficiency of your home’s insulation will ensure that it stays at a more manageable temperature year-round.


Improve Your Home’s Security

If a window is damaged in high winds, it opens intruders to enter your home. When unwanted guests want to enter your property or business, they will often target windows. By replacing the broken glass in your windows, you can improve your home’s security by providing a less appealing target for intruders.


Reduce Insurance Cost

If natural disasters damage your property, you may not be able to get insurance coverage in the future. In many instances, you can purchase additional coverage for smaller fixes that can provide property damage coverage. This can help to protect against potential losses or liability if someone gets injured on your property. If a window has been damaged, it may not be eligible for this type of insurance unless it is repaired by an insured, licensed professional.


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