Impact Glass Windows

Impact windows Palm Beach County

Impact Glass Windows

Weather conditions are tropical in the sunshine state Florida. People living there are concerned to build their home with safer material so that it has long-lasting protection. Our company Palm Beach Aluminum Inc. has been giving a variety of options to the homeowners in Florida to upgrade their homes with the latest up gradation in the market. Our latest service is about the impact glass windows that can be installed in your home rather than the usual glass windows. Impact glass windows are also called as the Hurricane-resistant windows or storm-proof windows. These windows are specifically designed for those who live in the coastal areas. It is made of impact resistant glass in which polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer is sandwiched. One of its most elegant features is its inner-membrane windows as if the glass shatter the broken glass will remain attached to the membrane within the window frame. Usually, a normal glass window won’t hold the strong wind and will break and cause the immense pressure of wind inside the house, which is not safe. With these impact glass windows and doors, you don’t need the hurricane shutters during the storm.

The best quality impact glass windows come in different sizes and designs which are really suitable for your home décor and up gradation

Palm Beach Aluminum Inc.’s Impact Glass Windows: Our Company Palm Beach Aluminum Inc. has been in business for many years now and we provide the best quality products for private homes and commercial buildings. The Company Palm Beach Aluminum Inc. manufactures the best quality impact glass windows and doors in different sizes and designs which are really suitable for your home décor and up gradation. All of the services and production here are a combination of great qualities like strength, protection, and durability. These windows will filter the sunlight coming through these glasses and prevent your stuff from being discoloration. It will also lower electricity bill as it consumes less electricity. We offer the best quality glass in different shapes, sizes, and colors. We also provide warranty and we offer one window free if you buy ten. The company’s goal is to satisfy the client with a good professional job served. Our company provides free estimation services too. Our team will bring out the best staff to install your impact glass windows.

Benefits of Impact Glass Windows: Although using Impact glass windows instead of non-impact glass is an expensive deal but this is worth it. It has numerous protective benefits.

1. Impact glass windows are manufactured with a polyvinyl membrane layer in their middle which makes it able to withstand storm winds approximately up to 200 miles/ hour.

2. These windows are very energy efficient along with least sound disturbance and Ultra-Violent protection due to its damping effect.
3. These impact glass windows provide maximum permanent protection against hurricane, storms, and tornados at all times.

4. It has the high strength that prevents glass from shattering into big sharp pieces and the broken glass will create a shape like a spider web.
5. Some insurance companies could offer up to 45% premium concessions on these impact windows too.