Impact Glass Windows

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Impact Glass Windows

Florida is a magnificent place to live in as it has everything the resident wants, from pristine beaches to sunshine, peace and of course beautiful people. But due to the weather in Florida, storms and hurricanes are common, damaging various residential and commercial properties in Florida. The frequent storms bring along losses amounting to millions. The property owners always face a unique challenge of controlling the damages and thus, in the recent past, the officials in Florida updated the building codes of Florida. According to those regulations, the owners should build their homes and offices with storm-resistant materials. They should use impact glass windows and doors to protect their homes from high-velocity winds. The impact glass windows come in different sizes and shapes and can be customized depending on the structure of the home or office.

Impact glass windows are the best ways to protect their homes from high-velocity winds.

There are numerous advantages to installing impact glass windows and doors to the property. When the normal glass windows are installed, the high-velocity winds, during the storm, can easily break the glass and enter the homes, damaging valuable items. After they enter, the strong winds can push the walls outward and lift the roof of the home, thereby bringing in more losses. The impact glass windows will not only increase the strength of the windows but also keep the homes safe from the strong winds.

The property should also be secure from all sides so that unnecessary people cannot enter it at odd times. The impact glass windows also safeguard the property from unwanted intruders and burglars, protecting your loved ones.

There are two options for installing the impact glass windows. The first one, which is the least expensive option, comes as a single glass with a transparent film on both the sides. When the high-velocity winds flow during a storm, even in case the glass shatters, the transparent film on both sides will hold the pieces together, obstructing the flow of the winds.

The second type of impact glass windows is more effective and reliable during the storms and also protects the home from unnecessary intruders. This type is most commonly used as it is very effective and strong enough to withstand high-velocity winds. Also known as inner membrane glass, this type of impact glass windows consists of two laminated glass pressed against each other with the help of polyvinyl butaryl. In spite of the glass shattering during storms, the film will hold the pieces together and block the winds from entering the homes.

Using impact glass windows is a great way to protect your homes from thunderstorms and hurricanes. These windows are transparent and thus allow natural lighting, helping you save on your power bills. They block harmful UV rays from entering the homes, thereby protecting fabrics and paint at your home from discoloration. The insurance officers will also give you a discount on premiums after seeing the impact glass windows installed in your homes. When you install impact glass windows, you are actually investing because they effectively control the damages during storms and also block the entry of unwanted intruders into your property.