Impact Glass Windows

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Impact Glass Windows

If you are living in the Florida State, then you must be aware how often the properties are destroyed due to natural calamities like hurricanes, thunderstorms, hailstorms and frequent rain. Hurricanes and storms can be commonly experienced in the coastal areas, due to which the residential and commercial establishment owners face huge losses. To reduce the impact of storms, you should install impact glass windows and doors at your homes and offices. South Florida has also changed their building codes, making it mandatory for all the property owners to use storm-resistant materials during construction of homes and offices.

In the case of normal glass windows, the high-velocity winds will easily shatter the glass and make their way into the homes. This will increase the pressure inside the home, lift the roof and push the wall outward, bringing huge losses to the owners. When you install impact glass windows, the strength of the windows will increase, reducing the impact of storms and thus, protecting the homes.

Installing Impact glass windows, will make sure to increase, the strength of the windows.

Impact glass windows include two impact-resistant glasses along with a polyvinyl butyral layer between both the glass slabs. The inner membrane window is the most effective in this setup and there is a thin film-holding both the laminated glass together. The film will hold the glass together within the window frame even if the glass shatters due to the impact.

Palm Beach Aluminium is an ideal destination if you are looking to install these impact glass windows. We are experts in protecting the homes and businesses with the best and top quality storm protection windows and doors. With an experience of over 20 years, we make different kinds of doors and windows of various colours, shapes, designs and colours. Our glass windows are designed in such a manner that it provides maximum protection at minimal cost. Our expert team handles all the requirements carefully and in a professional manner and make sure that you get only the best from us.

Materials to Be Used

For installation of storm-resistant windows, three materials are used-wood, vinyl and aluminium. The last one is the strongest of all and offers excellent protection from the storms and hurricanes. The only drawback is you have to get them painted with time.

There are many types of impact-resistant glass used in making the windows but Polyvinyl Butaryl or PVB is most commonly used. It is economically viable and is very strong to absorb the impact when hurricanes hit the coastal region.

Advantages Of Impact Glass Windows

  • These windows can withstand storm winds up to a velocity of 150 miles per hour
  • It can be installed in different shapes and sizes
  • The windows protect the home from harmful UV light
  • You also get discounts on home insurance premium amount
  • Your property is permanently protected from hurricanes, storms and tornadoes
  • There is minimum sound disturbance from outside because of the damping effect


Do you need any more reasons to install impact glass windows? What are you waiting for? Get these strong and durable windows installed at affordable prices by professional experts at Palm Beach Aluminium.