Impact Glass Doors

Hurricane shutters

Impact Glass Doors

Florida is popular for its weather, sunshine and beaches but because of its proximity to the sea, hurricanes and tropical storms are a common occurrence. As a result, homeowners in Florida face a unique challenge of limiting the damages to their properties. A devastating hurricane in 1992 damaged multiple residential and commercial establishments, leading to loss of many lives. This prompted the officials in South Florida to update the building codes, making it mandatory to construct buildings and homes using storm-resistant materials. Due to this, the property owners started to build everything including roofs, doors and windows using strong and reliable impact-resistant materials.

Impact Glass Doors can raise the value of your home as well as  improve the protection of your home.

To protect the homes from damages, you have to install Impact Glass doors, which come in various sizes and shapes and can be selected based on the design and structure of your homes. If there is a normal glass door installed, the strong winds can shatter the glass easily, making your home vulnerable to the damages. In that case, the winds can enter your homes, increasing the pressure and lifting the roofs. The best way to avoid this is to install impact glass doors so that the structure of your homes will be intact, helping you to save on repair costs.

Impact glass doors come in two different varieties. One is the less expensive option in which the glasses are wrapped with transparent film. In case if the glass shatters, the transparent film holds them together, thereby protecting the homes.

Another one that is commonly used is called the “inner membrane glass”. This type of impact glass door consists of two laminated glass panels that are pressed together using polyvinyl butaryl. This is a clear and thin film, which presses both the laminated glasses on two sides. During unforeseen circumstances, even if the glass shatters, the thin film will hold the glasses together. The polyvinyl butaryl will maintain the structure of the door even when the glasses shatter during thunderstorms. This helps in keeping the strong winds from entering your home and also protects your home from any structural damage.

Pros of Installing Impact Glass Doors

  • The impact glass door is a one-time installation. As soon as they are installed, they provide complete protection to your properties
  •  As they are transparent and provide enough natural lighting, you save on your power bill
  •  The impact glass doors are strong and sturdy and give you noise-free environment inside your homes
  •  They have the natural tendency to reduce the heat from the sun during summer and also, retain heat inside during winter, helping you save on utility bills
  •  These impact glass doors look just like regular glass doors, hence they do not reduce the aesthetic value of your home
  • It also protects your fabrics, paint and costly interiors from the harmful UV rays. The blocking of repeated sun’s rays prevent the items from discolouration and fading

Installing impact glass doors offers many more benefits like discounts on the insurance premium, prevention from unwanted intruders, etc. Install the impact glass door in your home and protect it from getting damaged due to storms and hurricanes.