Impact Door- How To Know The Best.

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Impact Door- How To Know The Best.

Doors can do more than just beautify a home. There are so many doors in the market that give the house a wonderful look but do less in terms of protecting the occupants of the house when storms, hurricane, and other natural disaster occur. It is very important to put these factors into consideration before you purchase a door especially if you reside in a storm or natural disaster prone area. An impact door can protect your home from being damaged by storms and other natural disasters.

The impact doors are tested thoroughly to ensure that they perform the purpose for which they were bought.

The reason the door is called an impact door is because of its ability to resist and withstand pressure. A typical example is when you throw a hard substance on it; like other doors, they may not be able to withstand such pressure. Impact doors provide safety and security for your family from storms and intruders. In addition, impact doors provide increased sound and solar control. Some impact doors are made of glass. The glass has a laminate interlayer which decreases the amount of exterior noise, and ultraviolet rays from the sun, which can enter the home. If you strike the door with a blunt object, such as blustering debris or a crowbar, the door may crack but the fragments do not flutter out of the frame— however, they stick to the plastic interlayer. Most times during storms, any piece of hovering debris can infiltrate the door, especially if it a glass door and when this occurs the entire house is at risk for a disastrous damage. But when you have an impact glass door the debris would not be able to get into the house. The doors are made with a unique coating that also resists corrosion that is caused by sea air and salty spray.

Some features of an impact door include;

  • Soldered steel construction
  • Hand Decorated Designs
  • Distinct multi-rod locking system
  • Drill resistant lockset
  • Secure side locks points
  • Frill frame design

The impact doors are tested thoroughly to ensure that they perform the purpose for which they were bought. Most of the tests are carried out with the use of air cannons. In course of the test, a two-by-four piece of wood, about nine-feet long would be shot at the door in different parts of the unit at fifty feet per second. After that impact test, the doors would be subjected to about nine thousand cycles of both negative and positive pressure. To pass the test each door must continue to function after going through the test. Any unit that does not pass the test cannot be qualified to be an impact door.

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