All You Need To Know About Pool Fencing

All You Need To Know About Pool Fencing

While offering an easy way to relax and stay cool on a hot summer’s day, a backyard pool remains one of the greatest features in any yard. But due to the safety hazard posed by a pool, you may want to invest in a pool fence so as to keep your kids and other kids safe from drowning.

One of the biggest causes of accidental death among young children is drowning. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that drowning is one of the top causes of death for children under the age of 14.

Residential pools are known to be the most common places where many of these drownings occur. In order to prevent children from drowning, it is imperatively important to securely fence your private pool. And this is just how things ought to be done everywhere.

According to the CDC, pool fencing helps to reduce drowning in the home by 83 percent.

No doubt, the benefits of having a pool safety fence are priceless. While presenting a remarkable percentage, this is worth thinking about. Below are some important things to bear in mind when deciding to invest in a pool fence.

Cover the pool area

When installing a pool fence, ensure that the pool area is thoroughly enclosed. In completely accessible yards, be sure to fence off all access leading the pool. Apart from the pool, access should not be granted through the gate for anything.

Follow the guidelines

Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing your pool fence. It is recommended you hire a professional to assist you in doing the job if you are not sure of what to do. Investing in pool fencing will certainly be of no good to you if proper installations are not made.

Establish full protection

Remember to lock all other ways of accessing the backyard. For even more protection, pool or gate alarms and additional locks can be added. All doors leading to the backyard should be installed with self-closing hinges while additional locks should be added high up on doors beyond the reach of children.

Make routine checks

When it comes to finding small openings around secured areas, kids are always great at doing so. Ensuring that the fence is in a good working state will keep you one step ahead of them. From time to time, make routine checks around the fence. Ensure that there are no malfunctioning parts or gaps within the pool fence.

Remember that your ability to provide layers of protection around your pool is the key to preventing pool tragedies. You can prevent drowning by establishing proper pool fencing. If you are looking for an awesome option for your pool fence, do well to contact Palm Beach Aluminum.