Hurricane Shutters

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Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Shutters are basically used to protect homes and other establishments from the damages, which are caused by storms and hurricanes. The state of Florida gets pounded with hurricanes, tropical and thunderstorms very often, with very high wind speeds. These can easily rip-off your home roofs if proper impact and hurricane shutters are not installed in your homes. It can also damage the windows if flying objects hit them with great force. For this reason, you should install hurricane shutters in your homes from professionals and protect them from extreme damages.

Palm Beach Aluminium offers high-quality solutions to protect your homes from damages. We have a complete team to inspect and install the hurricane shutters in a comprehensive manner. We also have all the necessary approvals from various departments to install gates, enclosures, impact glass windows and impact gates and hurricane shutters. Coming with an experience of many years, we are always committed to providing the best services to the house owners in and around the state of Florida. Moreover, we use high-quality materials in making all kinds of shutters, thereby making them durable and strong enough to handle extreme pressure from high-speed winds.

During the storm, the high-velocity winds flow through the roofs and rip them off, keeping the envelope of the building intact. The flying objects break the windows, allowing the high-speed winds enter the building and increasing the air pressure. This increases the chances of roof failure because of greater air pressure difference. The installation of hurricane shutters helps in protecting the windows and keeping the high-velocity winds from entering the building. This way they protect the buildings from damages caused by hurricanes and storms.

The hurricane shutters can be made from three varieties of materials such as aluminium, steel or plywood and you can install any one of them depending on your preference. The plywood hurricane shutters are the low-cost variant but give less protection when compared to steel and aluminium. The shutters can be fixed on the outer side of the building using screws or clips. There are also motorized hurricane shutters that can be folded when they are not in use.

Types Of Hurricane Shutters

The hurricane shutters come in multiple varieties and they are installed according to the requirements of the place where it has to be installed.

Storm Panels

These are very light-weight and can be made of polycarbonate plastic, metal or plywood. The panels made from plastic can also be transparent and flat and can be made into a shape suitable to reduce the impact of high-speed winds. They are attached to the windows using screws and when they are not in use, they can be removed and stored easily.

Roll-Up Shutters

These shutters consist of series of thin materials that are fit into each other, forming a curtain. They can be operated either electronically or manually and are very energy-efficient.

Colonial and Bahama Shutters

This kind of shutter is installed above the windows and they create shade when open. They can be brought down during the storm and secured over the structure where it is installed.

Accordion Shutters

These are made by interlocking the blades and placed horizontally on the track. They are made from high-quality materials and come in multiple colors.

Palm Beach Aluminium is compliant with all the Florida Building Codes to install hurricane shutters in the buildings in and around Florida. We provide cost-effective and affordable solutions to all the building owners even though we use high-quality materials for making the shutters. Without wasting any time, contact us for inspection and expert advice on the installation of hurricane shutters.