Hurricane Shutter Guide: Types, Pros, And Cons

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Hurricane Shutter Guide: Types, Pros, And Cons

Hurricane shutters continue to be the most economical storm protection solution for 80% homeowners. It has successfully helped to protect window openings against storms, despite the fact that the hurricane-proof glass has become increasingly popular in recent years. Are you one of those contemplating hurricane shutters? Here’s the breakdown on this storm protection option.

Hurricane Shutters continue to be the most economical storm protection solution for homeowners.

Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters

These steel/aluminum shutters are attached to the walls around the windows as well as the doors on bolts. They are corrugated, with each piece overlapping the next to provide maximum strength.


  •  Most inexpensive permanent shutter.
  •  Removable, so it doesn’t change the appearance of the home.
  •  Strong, and provides excellent protection for doors and windows.


  •  Require storage.
  •  Can be difficult to handle.
  •  Has sharp edges.
  •  Doesn’t line up properly occasionally.
  • Accordion Hurricane Shutters

These hurricane shutters are housed adjacent to the windows or doors. They unfold accordion-style during storms.


  •  Permanently affixed beside windows.
  •  Can be made storm-ready easily by a single individual.
  • Some models are locked with a key and serve as a theft deterrent.


  • Looks bulky and out-of-place sometimes.
  • Have the potential to easily break than other systems.

Colonial Hurricane Shutters

They are louvered shutters attached to the wall adjacent to each window and fold together to protect windows.


  • Permanently affixed beside windows.
  • Can easily be prepared by one individual.
  • Decorative. Can beautify and protect.


  • Requires a storm bar to lock the shutters in place.
  • Can’t protect doors and must combine with another shutter to ensure complete protection.

Bahama Hurricane Shutters

These louvered shutters are attached directly above windows and opened to provide shade for windows.


  • Permanently affixed beside the windows.
  • Can be quickly made storm-ready by a single person.
  • Provides permanent shade and privacy.


  • Traditionally weaker than other systems.
  • They obstruct too much light.
  • Design limits their use.

Roll-down Hurricane Shutters

These attach above windows and roll up in an enclosed box. They are lowered manually with a hand crank or with a push button automatically.

– Permanently affixed above windows.
– Easily assembled for storms by one person.
– Offers arguably the best protection.

– Most expensive shutter system.
– Push-button-operated shutters require battery backup.

Bottom Line

Hurricane shutters are the generally accepted protection options against difficult storms. They have grown popular over the years and continue to gain acclaim despite the development of other storm protection options. If you are interested in purchasing hurricane shutters, you can look above and make your pick after judiciously considering their pros and cons.

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