Hurricane Panels: Buying Guide

Hurricane panels on a business

Hurricane Panels: Buying Guide

Are you looking for hurricane shutters in Palm Beach County for your windows, doors, or lanai? If so, you are presumably also looking at how much various hurricane panels costs. The cost is undoubtedly a significant issue in determining the type of hurricane shutters you purchase, among many others.

Hurricane aluminum panels are a fantastic choice for your house or place of business. They provide a good defense against strong winds and flying debris and are long-lasting and simple to install. Choosing the best aluminum hurricane panels for your home can be challenging. Here are some factors to assist you in selecting the best aluminum hurricane panels.

Size of the Area You Must Secure

Selecting panels that cover the spaces you need to cover is crucial because there are a variety of sizes of hurricane aluminum panels available in Palm Beach County. Make sure to include trim molding surrounding the edges when measuring the width and height of the holes and how you will install the panels. While some panels are made to fit within the aperture, others are made to be put outside the opening.

Right Attachment Method

In Palm Beach County, there are various ways to install storm shutters. Screws inserted into the structure of the building are the most typical way. However, some panels include straps or clips attached, which is a smart alternative if you’re concerned about your property getting damaged while installed.

Other connection strategies include inserting stainless steel bolts into the building’s framework, putting tracks inside or outside the aperture, or employing magnets.


It’s crucial to ensure that the aluminum shutters panels won’t prevent the entry of fresh air into your home when placing them on an outside door or window. While some panels have perforated holes that let air move through, others include vents that can be opened and closed as needed.

The position of the aperture and the climate where you reside will determine the sort of ventilation you require. Assume, for instance, that you are adding panels to an outside door in a hurricane-prone region. So that you may open the door during a storm to balance the pressure within and outside your home, you should pick panels with vents.


Even though aluminum shutters are made to shield your house or place of business from bad weather, you should still pick a design that enhances the appearance of your property. Many manufacturers provide custom color options for aluminum panels so they can blend in with the exterior of your home. For instance, if your property has a lot of white trim, you should choose white hurricane aluminum panels. Similarly, choose a hue close to your home’s siding or trim if you want the panels to fit in with the exterior of your house.

Bottom Line

You should have these suggestions in mind when purchasing hurricane panels for your house or place of business. You may be launched at hurricane shutters in Palm Beach County. We have a large assortment of hurricane panels in various sizes and materials. Get in touch with us immediately. You can contact Palm Beach Aluminum for assistance locating the most qualified crew to install solid, high-impact windows, doors, and shutters that can withstand adverse weather conditions.