How Long Should Your Screen Enclosure Last?

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How Long Should Your Screen Enclosure Last?

You likely love your enclosure in West Palm Beach, Florida, and would do anything to prevent damage to it. If you have a screened enclosure on your pool or patio, you have security from unwanted animal visitors and high winds, so you might not worry much about maintenance. Below are some signs that it’s time to replace your enclosure in West Palm Beach. 

The Door Doesn’t Close Properly 

The door on your enclosure shouldn’t be a daily struggle to use, either to close, open or slide in place. A good screen door shouldn’t squeak during use or stick open when you’re trying to close it. As a screen door ages, though, it may get damaged, becoming bent or warped, no matter how careful you are when you use the door. 

Sagging or Bulging 

When you notice sagging or bulging in parts of your enclosure, this is a sign that the screen has stretched or is beginning to tear apart from the frame. Another cause for sagging is that the stitching in the screen is tearing or the part of the frame holding the screen is shrinking. Sagging or bulging typically happens at the end of the screen’s lifespan of eight to 10 years. 

The Screen No Longer Fits the Frame 

Not every screen is one-size-fits-all, and having the wrong screen size will cause significant problems down the road. You must have the right fit for your enclosure or screen door without bending the screen or manipulating it to fit your enclosure. If you notice visible gaps around the frame, shaking during high winds, or even that your enclosure is letting in debris and pests, then it’s time to replace the screen. 

Your Screen Is Significantly Damaged 

There are several reasons why your screen door becomes damaged and requires screen enclosure repair. These reasons include hail, high winds, or debris. Additionally, rambunctious children or even playful pets climbing on or running into your screens can damage them. Whatever the cause of the damage, it’s essential to repair them quickly to protect the integrity of your enclosure. 

So Shiny You Could Send Signals 

An enclosure isn’t supposed to reflect the sun to the point that you can blind someone if they look at it from the wrong angle or be able to send flashing light signals to a neighbor down the street. The shiny appearance occurs when the mesh becomes weak and brittle from weather exposure or pool chemical exposure and has deteriorated beyond its useful life. 

Whether you need screen enclosure repair or new enclosures, Palm Beach Aluminum is here for you. We can handle any size project, and we install enclosures using stainless steel hardware and a powder-coated finish. Contact us today for all your enclosure needs in West Palm Beach.