How Do Impact Windows Work?

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How Do Impact Windows Work?

We have a small story to tell…


Following Hurricane Andrew’s damage, Miami-Dade County in South Florida pioneered the campaign for better window systems. Florida united and rallied behind Miami-Dade County itself, pushing for better storm-resistant buildings.


Since Florida implemented new standard building regulations in 2001, nations from Texas to the east coast have embraced hurricane-resistant construction codes.


The window industry took a leap in this cause to solve the problem at once. If the automotive industry has improved the safety of our cars, perhaps the same technology can be applied to windows in our homes as well!


Here’s how impact windows protect our homes from damage from storms and hurricanes.


What Are Impact Windows?

Impact windows are specially designed to prevent pieces of glass from shattering when the strong wind force during a storm or hurricane pushes against them.


The Impact glass was developed in the twentieth century for safer automotive windscreens and has now found its way to the building window. There are two kinds of impact glass:


  • Shatter-resistant Film Windows
  • Famous Inner-Membrane Technology Glass


Both forms of impact glass offer shatter-resistant protection against violent winds, flying debris, and dangerously high air pressure.


They provide a robust shield when installed within solid metal frames.


Shatter-resistant film glasses have a coating of film on both sides of the glass pane, ensuring the glass stays within if it breaks.


A film of polyvinyl butyryl (PVB) is sandwiched between two panes of glass to prevent fragmenting and scattering.


How Do They Work?

Impact windows are made up of shatter-resistant film that protects your windows. This film is sprayed on both sides of the glass panels and seals the glass from the inside.


This implies that the pane will remain sealed and intact even if the window is smashed with flying debris or subjected to intense air pressures.


The glass may shatter, but it will not blast into the house or cause additional harm.

Several hurricane impact windows use inner membrane technology to infill the area between the window panes in addition to impact-resistant coatings.


The PVB layer in the membrane keeps the glass together and prevents it from blasting outwards.


When paired with tempered glass, the windows become practically impenetrable to any type of piercing or fracturing, even at wind velocity exceeding 200 mph, equivalent to the 5th Category hurricane.


Impact windows are also more durable due to their frame composition. The frame of most impact-resistant windows is aluminum, steel, or vinyl.


These frames are resistant to deformation, deterioration with time, and rust deposits. Steel and aluminum frames are undoubtedly more durable than vinyl but are relatively expensive.


Other Advantages of Impact Windows

Apart from reducing the threats of wind gusts, impact windows have several other advantages.



Impact windows’ hefty structure, combined with the robust frames installed, seals firmly, making them significantly more power-intensive than regular windows.


UV Protection

The scorching sun in the southeast United States poses severe UV damage. Sun Protection impact windows may block up to 99 percent of damaging UV radiation.



The shatterproof glass of impact windows keeps intruders and burglars at bay.



Impact windows provide homes with greater peace and tranquility than ordinary windows due to their heavy-duty design. Even in high-traffic regions or near an airport, you’ll notice a dramatic reduction in irritating noises.


Add Aesthetic Value

Impact windows, unlike some other installations, will not lower the value or aesthetic appeal of your property. There is no discernible physical variation between impact and regular windows.


Insurance Discounts

Many insurance firms acknowledge the merits of impact windows and are special offers on insurance premiums due to their high level of protection.


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