Here’s Why High Impact Windows Are So Popular in South Florida


Here’s Why High Impact Windows Are So Popular in South Florida

We sometimes become stressed and forget the most essential rule of common sense purchasing: don’t buy a large ticket item without being sure it is what you want or need. There is nothing worse than feeling cheated or realizing after the fact that you didn’t make the most significant buying choice. Many house owners feel pressured to acquire impact-rated windows (also known as “impact windows”) without completing adequate research before making such a necessary purchase. For those who don’t have all of the facts, making a wrong decision might cause regret later on in life. 


Here Are Some Pointers To Assist You In Making An Informed Decision:

  1. Older windows and doors aren’t necessarily a terrible thing. Has an energy audit on your present windows been done before making any decisions about new windows? FPL should provide this service free of charge to their customers, while professional audits might cost hundreds of dollars. The audit may show that weatherizing your present windows for a few hundred dollars will save you a significant amount of money on your energy bill. You could possibly discover that you don’t require any new windows at all, saving you even more money.


Your windows and doors may still be in good condition despite their age, mainly if they are made of wood. Replacing your present window’s felt strips, seals, and caulk can have a significant impact on how well your windows operate. Even if you return your windows, the problem of water leaking will not be fixed. Even brand-new windows might let “manufacturer-acceptable standards” amounts of water into your home. Unfortunately, this term is frequently employed to handle warranty concerns about air and water leaks. For whatever reason, their “acceptable standards” are never as high as the ones you thought you were paying for when you signed their contract.


  1. Is it impervious to hurricanes? In South Florida, you will definitely want hurricane protection. When it comes to hurricane protection, impact-rated windows are valuable protection. Designed to break, they aren’t meant to let the wind pressurize the building’s interior after breaking. Many people erroneously believe that “impact-rated” means “unbreakable” or “stormproof.” All of these statements are incorrect. In reality, impact-rated windows resist total breakage from impacts. 


Broken impact-rated windows leave shambles in their wake, as can be seen in many films posted on the internet. To avoid the price, mess, and trouble of replacing them due to storm damage, vandalism, or a maintenance mishap, you must take precautions. Leaving them damaged and filing an insurance claim is an option, but we all know what happens to your premiums Z it’s time to renew.


  1. Unintentional deformation of the object. When it comes to hurricane safety on the bottom level, don’t just rely on impact-rated windows alone. A hammer blow or a rock to the window may cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs. When a rock or hammer is accidentally dropped on your window during routine window care, you’ll have to shell out significant money to have it replaced.


Dealing With Theft

Because impact-rated windows are expensive to replace, only use them if you know there will be no “smash & grab” break-in. A vandal or hoodlum using a hammer, center punch tool, rock, slingshot, or glass cutter may swiftly destroy impact-rated windows to the tune of thousands of dollars. Ordinary windows with clear security panels are usually a more cost-effective solution.


Then there are the beach homes. If you live near the shore, keep your windows closed during storms (impact-rated or not) to avoid etching. If you don’t shutter your windows, your insurance company may not honor your wind damage claim for this sort of damage.


Get started today! Educate yourself. Knowledge is power, and the only kind of consumer you can be is an informed one. Any salesperson who knows the score from your questions will respect your wisdom. Knowing what you want in the end reduces your chances of getting something that you dislike. You should not hesitate to tell them if you feel your intelligence has been insulted or don’t think you’re being treated fairly. There are still honest window salespeople around that are professionals and work for companies with integrity. You simply need to keep looking until you find them. Don’t give in or up!


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