Fortify Your Property: High-Impact Windows

Window with broken glass

Fortify Your Property: High-Impact Windows

South Florida residents can now stay safe with hurricane impact windows. Contact Palm Beach Aluminum for high-impact window installation today. With hurricane season underway, now is the time to take action and fortify your property from the possible damage of a hurricane. Hurricane impact windows provide your home with the necessary protection against strong winds and projectiles, while still allowing natural light into your home.


What are High-Impact Windows?

High-impact windows are made from a combination of two or more layers of glass and resin, and are designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 200 mph. The resin binds the two layers of glass together, creating a bond that allows the window to hold its shape even under extreme pressure. This makes them ideal for protecting your home from the powerful winds and debris of a hurricane.


The Benefits of Installing High-Impact Windows


High-impact windows are designed to resist the impact of wind-borne debris, as well as the pressure of hurricane-force winds. This makes them an excellent choice for protecting your home from the potential damage caused by a hurricane. Not only are they incredibly durable, but they can also help reduce your energy costs by keeping the air cool and preventing drafts. This is because the windows are designed to be airtight and provide an extra layer of insulation. 

Another way impact windows can help you save money is by reducing your homeowner’s insurance costs. This type of installation can protect your home against hurricane damage. Once you have them installed, speak with your insurance company to find out if they will provide you with a discount on your premium. Furthermore, when you install impact windows, it increases the value of your home when it is time to sell.


Additional Services Offered by Palm Beach Aluminum


In addition to high-impact windows, Palm Beach Aluminum also offers a variety of other services designed to fortify your property from the potential damage of a hurricane. These services include impact front doors, hurricane shutters, aluminum fencing, aluminum gates, custom screen enclosures, patio enclosures, and pool enclosures. Each of these services is designed to provide your property with the necessary protection from the powerful and dangerous impacts of a hurricane.


Why Choose Palm Beach Aluminum?


Palm Beach Aluminum is a trusted name in South Florida with over 10 years of experience in the industry. They offer the highest quality products and services, and their team of highly trained professionals is committed to providing you with the best possible service. They offer competitive rates and excellent customer service, and all of their services are available in both Palm Beach County and Martin County.


Contact Palm Beach Aluminum Today


If you’re looking for high-quality hurricane impact windows or any of the other services offered by Palm Beach Aluminum, don’t hesitate to contact Palm Beach Aluminum today. Their team of experienced professionals is ready to help you fortify your property and provide you with the necessary protection from the potential damage of a hurricane. With Palm Beach Aluminum, you can rest assured that your property is in good hands.