Five Types of Hurricane Shutters and Their Benefits

Hurricane shutters and panels

Five Types of Hurricane Shutters and Their Benefits

Storm shutters are essential for protecting your home from the extreme damage caused by hurricanes and tropical storms. Each year, these weather events cause billions of dollars in property damage, and thousands of people lose their lives to them.

While you can’t control the weather, you can be prepared for these devastating storms with storm shutters. Here’s a rundown of the most common shutter designs you can use in Palm Beach, FL, and their benefits. 

Colonial Shutters 

These are made out of a long, narrow wooden panel. The benefit of these is that they’re cheap and easy to install while still being highly protective against storms. Colonial shutters are used mainly in historic areas or on windows where you want a retro look. The downside? There’s not much room for error – if one board gets broken during hurricane shutter installation or any other type of damage occurs, your whole set is rendered useless. This is also one of the less aesthetically pleasing options for those who don’t like seeing their window boards from outside. 

Rolling Shutter Systems 

These shutter systems operate by rolling down from top to bottom instead of folding in from a side or swinging out from a center point like some other shutter systems. Rolling shutter systems are made with one or two horizontal tracks; these allow them to be easily rolled down over storefronts and other openings. These types of shutters are often made to fit on any window, whether large or small, depending on what material is used. 

Accordion Shutters 

These are rolling shutters that provide exceptional protection from high winds while still letting in some light. Accordion shutters roll up in a c-shape that’s protected on either side by support brackets. When retracted, they take up little space on your property. You can quickly expand them to cover all of your windows in an emergency situation. These are ideal for areas with large panes or windows, like living rooms and kitchens. They’re also highly effective at keeping out water. If a storm surge hits your location, you won’t have to worry about leaks. 

Bahama Shutters 

This type is primarily used to protect large openings like sliding glass doors, bay windows, and French doors. They are made from aluminum or PVC material on a frame that fits over the opening. The shutter panels open like a door instead of rolling up like other shutters, making them perfect for keeping out noise while still maintaining light through your home’s windows. These Bahama shutters are only single pane, so they let in plenty of air circulation, making them easy to install during any season. Just make sure you measure before you order so you get an accurate fit. 

Automatic Roll-Down Shutters 

Automatic roll-down shutters have an electric motor that rolls down both shutters when triggered. The most common use is to protect windows from storms, making them great for low-lying houses prone to flooding. These storm shutters typically use a DC power supply, so they won’t be operable if there’s a power outage. Also, due to their weight and bulkiness, they are not recommended for houses with large bay windows or lots of ornate details on your house. You want these storm shutters to fit snuggly against your window without being obtrusive. 

Choose the Right Shutters for Your Home in Palm Beach, FL 

At least now you have an idea about the different types of storm shutters you can install in your house. Make your decision depending on what each has to offer. Contact Palm Beach Aluminum for all your hurricane shutter installation needs.