Five Décor Tips For Your Compact Screened-In Porch

screened in porch

Five Décor Tips For Your Compact Screened-In Porch

Screen enclosures for your porch are some of the best investments. They expand your covered area and keep bugs away. That way, you can create a haven for your children to play as you bask in the layer of privacy while enjoying your outdoor activities. 

So, if you’re considering buying screen enclosures for your porch, we say you most certainly should! Is your mind bombarding with thoughts like how to decorate the additional space? After all, screened-in porches must look snug with the right amount of trendy and elegant. Rest assured, though, this article is the perfect spot for you! 

Below we mention five creative and easy interior décor ideas that make even the most compact screened-in porches seem roomier. Let’s get started! 

1. Add A Swing In The Center  

Every area needs a focal point to elevate the aesthetics. For screened porches, a grand, wooden hanging swing does the trick. You can be innovative and go for a rod iron swing or oval swings. But if you value classic interior more, the traditional rectangular swing works perfectly. 

You can place fluffy cushions, snug throws for autumn, and put a straight lamp beside it. You can sway on the swing as you indulge in a soothing reading session or gaze at the view outside. 

2. Go Fancy With The Lighting 

Lighting affects the overall vibes of your porch. You can customize your screened-in porch and make it look super comfy by adding the perfect lighting. For instance, led lights on the ceiling offer homely feels. In addition, fancy bulbs and light stands can create enough brightness for peaceful reading at night while maintaining the serenity of the interior. 

You can also hang small chandeliers if you plan to use your screened porch for friend hangouts. The chandeliers create a tranquil halo around the porch and transform your space into a quaint haven. Lamps or stylish light fixtures beside the couches can further boost the coziness of your porch and make your small area seem airy. 

3. Bright And White Steals The Look 

The best way to raise the sleek appeal of your screened porch is by painting it white. White walls help to make your compact porch seem spacious. The lightness allows more light to enter the porch, making it look even more vast than ever. 

Pure white walls look fabulous when you match them with a dash of vibrancy. For instance, you can place white couches but keep the cushions in bright blue, purple, or green shades. 

In addition, you can also place some plants in one corner, a brown coffee table in the center, and have lamps with colorful shades. White curtains or blinds across the screened-in porch create a smooth finishing to complete the overall refreshing looks of your porch. 

4. Include A Comfy And Classy Couch  

A screened-in porch without a cozy couch is incomplete! You can always opt for loveseats or smaller sofas for tight space. You can also invest in multi-functional one-seaters and further accommodate your compact porch. 

Couches create a sense of familiarity and enhance the liveliness of the space. Ideally, you should get a couch that matches the overall aesthetics and color scheme of your screened-in porch. 

You can laze around on the couch, binge-watch movies, have late-night deep talks with your loved ones, or read your favorite books. It all feels more relaxing when you’re comfortable on a couch and can experience the fun of being outdoor but indoor simultaneously!  

5. Utilize The Wall Space 

When you’ve got free walls, why leave them empty when you can make them more artistic? Bare walls might underwhelm the elegance of your screened porches. You can avoid this by adding some art or ornaments. 

Art frames hanging on the walls add a touch of sophistication to make your area more visually appealing. You can also raise the finesse by placing hanging plants with lush seasonal flowers or ferns.  

Install Screen Enclosures Today! 

Screened porches enable you to let your creative streak on the loose and brilliantly plan the area’s interior. Personalize the space and get more room to host your parties or get-togethers outdoor while enjoying the benefits of being indoors. 

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Invest in screen enclosures and apply the artistic décor ideas mentioned above right away!