Do Sunrooms Add Value to Your Home?

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Do Sunrooms Add Value to Your Home?

As a homeowner, you must do your research before making any renovations or additions to your home. After all, it’s not only about the cost of renovations or additions that you will bear but also about the impact the changes will have on your home’s value.  

However, adding a sunroom or converting an existing room to a sunroom is one of those home renovation projects that always pay off, especially in sunny places such as Palm Beach County. Moreover, sunrooms can be versatile and suitable for different needs, whether you enjoy solo or family living. Let’s take a look at the different spots of the home where sunroom additions work well: 

In Recreation Rooms 

Sunrooms as recreational rooms are very popular. Hence, the recreation room in any home is one of the best spots for sunroom installation. Setting up a sunroom as a recreation room also adds to the fun and increases the usability factor of the room. The possibilities of using a sunroom as a recreation room are truly endless. Anything works for a recreation sunroom, from placing pool, foosball, and chess tables to putting up a large TV, creating a bar, and setting up musical instruments or gaming systems. Surrounded by greenery and outdoors, staying cool by being inside is sure to increase the fun for your family members and guests.  

In Dining Area 

The dining room or breakfast nook is another popular spot for sunroom additions. During the day, you and your family members can enjoy their meals in natural sunlight with a view of the garden. At night, the view of stars or the moonlight pouring can be perfect for cozy dinner meals. For families with children, a sunroom with a dining setup also doubles as a place to complete homework and catch up with everyone on their day. 

In-Home Office 

Home offices need to be comfortable to get any work done. But home offices as sunrooms are not only comfortable but can also be effective. Home office in sunroom provides perfectly calming views when one feels stressed about work. Since they also bring in a lot of natural sunlight, they keep one awake and active and hence productive. Moreover, sunroom installation in the home office also works well for those who bring in clients. Therapists, masseuses, and yoga trainers can find their clients happier in their sunroom home offices.  

In-Home Gyms 

Home gyms converted into sunrooms are also popular for their effectiveness. The openness of sunrooms can help one feel fresher for longer and even feel motivated to work out. Working out in a sunroom home gym might feel even better as one can experience the greenery and nature, but without the bugs. They bring in the sun, but their temperature can be easily controlled as indoor spaces, making them the ideal place to work out.  

In Master Bedrooms 

Master bedrooms are the most popular spots for sunroom additions. Installing a sunroom in the master bedroom pays off the most in home value. Sunrooms increase the available space in the master bedrooms and increase their usability, increasing the home’s worth and its resale value. 

In Attics 

If there is a separate storeroom in the house, you can easily convert the attic into a sunroom to increase your home’s value. An attic turned into a sunroom increases the living space and multipurpose the attic. It can be converted into a recreation room, a home office, or even a guest bedroom. It can also be converted into a lounging space with comfortable couches and a small kitchenette. Family members and friends can utilize this space to hang out and socialize.  

As Entryways  

Sunroom additions on decks are another popular option. Decks become entryways when converted into sunrooms. Besides providing a comfortable transitioning space between indoors and outdoors, they also provide a safe spot for changing or drying off clothes and shoes wet from the rain. If you are concerned about privacy, simply add blinds to all the windows.  

However, pay attention to the building materials whenever you install a sunroom in your home. High-tech and lightweight building products such as aluminum result in sturdy and long-lasting sunrooms. For sunroom installation in Palm Beach County, click here. Palm Beach Aluminum experts have extensive experience in helping Florida residents install their dream sunroofs.