Best Acrylic Windows For Your Homes

a view from glass window

Best Acrylic Windows For Your Homes


Those in glass houses should not throw stones. Glass windows aren’t friendly with stones, but their acrylic brothers are quite comfortable with their stone pals. Yes, that is because acrylic windows are way more resistant to impact forces than glass. Acrylic windows withstand way more force than their glass counterparts. So have you been wondering what window you will want to put in your house? Well, it will be really cool for you to consider what acrylic windows have to offer you.

Acrylic is a thermoplastic that is shatter resistant and is most times used in place of glass. Making its entrance into the market for the first time in the 19th century, acrylic was later used extensively during the second world war. Since then, it has made its way into homes and other uses in the aviation and marine industries. But for now, you don’t want a submarine or a plane, you want a wonderful window that gives you the best view of your surroundings. There are reasons why you should pick acrylic, below are those reasons.

Acrylic is resistant to sudden pressure and guess what, it is 17 times stronger than glass.

Shatter Resistant

Imagine having a window that resists every force. Imagine not having dread at the site of stones hurtling towards your windows. This is what acrylic offers you.

Wonderfully Transparent

Acrylic windows are wonderfully transparent. In fact, they are so transparent they are used in large and small aquariums. They are so light friendly, they allow up to 92% of light pass through compared to about 82-90% offered by ordinary glass. Again, acrylic does not yellow with age. Its transparency is permanent.

Surface Application

Acrylic is softer than glass (that does not make it weaker as mentioned already above). How does this help? When scratches appear on it, it goes away easily. So you do not have to replace it once a scratch appears.


Acrylic windows are wonderful insulators. It helps to maintain the temperature in your home during the winter(warm air remains inside and cold air is kept outside). Acrylic windows ensure your home is a haven of warmth.


Acrylic windows are excellently durable. Throughout their lifespan, you can be assured of top performance. They also maintain their whiteness and transparency throughout their lifespan.


Acrylic windows are light, so you can install large sizes of it if you want a gigantic window with a panoramic view of your surroundings.

Acrylic windows are really nice additions to the aesthetic of a home. Be sure to go for them when considering a window to install.

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