Best Features of a Pool Enclosure

a swimming pool covered with screen

Best Features of a Pool Enclosure

There are many perks of getting a pool enclosure, especially near Palm Beach, Florida. 

Investing in a screen pool enclosure is a great option because it protects you and your family from direct sunlight and strong winds. 

Palm Beach, Florida, is prone to strong gusty winds from hurricanes but pool enclosures make it much safer to connect your indoor and outdoor settings because they are made to withstand wind speeds of over 130 miles per hour. 

Let us dive into some of the best features of a pool enclosure. 


One of the top features of a screen pool enclosure is an extra layer of security, which will make your life easier. 

You’re also protected from leaves, insects, debris, and other stuff that keeps polluting your pool, which frees up time not to have to worry about pool maintenance. 

In cases where you hire others to clean your pool once or twice a week, you’ll end up saving some money in the long run. 

You can also keep unwanted visitors out, such as birds, snakes, and alligators (it is Florida, after all). 

Sunlight Protection 

Florida, also known as the sunshine state, gets so much sunlight that it can be dangerous to stay out for too long. 

Getting a pool enclosure helps with sunlight protection because it blocks a large fraction of sunlight from entering the paneled windows. 

Gone are the days when you have to worry about putting sunscreen on to protect yourself from excessive UV rays. 

The sun is not our enemy, but it can still negatively impact our skin if we stay out for too long; people risk developing skin cancer if they don’t consider proper skincare. 

An additional benefit from sunlight protection is that your pool stays colder, which is a big bonus for surviving the hot climate in Florida. 

Easy Maintenance 

It is much easier to maintain cleanliness inside your pool enclosure because it already filters out a lot of the leaves, debris, and insects, which means your pool won’t get dirty in the first place. 

You’ll also save time having to clean up every few days and maintain a level of hygiene that translates to a higher standard of living. 

House Extension 

pool enclosure can make your house feel more spacious because you’ve created another lounge. 

During the winter, you can leave your doors open to connect the inside and outside, allowing for greater expansion of your living space. 

You can also create other elements inside the enclosure, such as a kitchen, bar, lounging area, and comfortable seats where you can sit or lie down and enjoy reading a good book. 

Many people who invest in a pool enclosure are happier because they can leave their doors open year-round and enjoy a bigger living space. 

Lower Energy Costs 

The highest costs of pool maintenance go towards heating the water. 

Investing in a pool enclosure helps with this because it prevents the water from getting too hot or cold in the first place. 

You can get a customized design for your pool enclosure that considers factors like yard size and pool design. 

You can opt for an aluminum framing and even fine mesh fiberglass screening for the construction material. 

Palm Beach Aluminum offers great options at great prices and should be checked out if you’re serious about investing in an enclosure. 

Other features you can opt for include flat, hip, or dome-style roofing, which can improve the appearance of your home and increase its value. 

Choosing a retractable roof enclosure is also a popular choice for many because it opens up access to beautiful, sunny skies, making it feel like you’re sitting outdoors. 

Lower Water Evaporation 

During peak summer temperatures, it is common for pools to lose a fraction of the total water inside, which can be a source of annoyance. 

Water restrictions can further instigate this problem by not allowing frequent refilling of pools, which can be countered by installing a pool enclosure. 

Since direct sunlight is filtered out through the screening, the water temperature does not rise much, and you prevent water from evaporating and escaping into the environment. 

More Relaxation and Enjoyment 

Investing in a pool enclosure may be one of the best decisions you make because it enables greater quality time spent with friends and family. 

It’s a great hangout location, and you can even host barbeques at your place to provide a great social setting for people to get together, relax, and have fun. 

Final Thoughts 

Although it will require a bit of an investment, it is clear that having a pool enclosure will improve the quality of your life. 

If you’re outdoorsy, enjoy dipping in the pool often, or want to improve the quality of your home, investing in a pool enclosure is a great option for you.