Benefits of Installing Pool Enclosure

Pool Screen Enclosures

Benefits of Installing Pool Enclosure

Pool Enclosure

Homeowners with a swimming pool in their backyard will understand the amount of difficulty they face while maintaining it. Changing weather conditions, bugs, insects, dried leaves, etc, all these aspects are responsible for spoiling the overall look of the pool. This is the reason you should install a structure that will enclose the pool and help in keeping it clean while also protecting you from unnecessary infections. Screen enclosures are very popular in Florida because of ever-changing weather conditions, in addition to strict safety codes.

Pool enclosure is a light-weight, reliable and durable structure that encloses the pool, thereby providing protection from bugs and insects, UV rays and climatic conditions. It also enhances your outdoor living experience. Apart from these, the enclosures offer various other benefits to the homeowners.

Benefits of Installing Pool Enclosure

Increased Security from Pests

The pool in your backyard needs regular cleaning but most of the homeowners find it a daunting task. This is because bugs, beetles, frogs, spiders, snakes, and even dogs, cats, etc can easily trespass and find their way to the pool. Pool enclosure will keep them away, helping you to relax by the pool without worrying too much about those pesky insects and animals.

Creates an Extra Outdoor Space

Pool enclosure creates an extra living area near the pool as you can include an outdoor bar, kitchen, dining and relaxation area, giving a feeling of spacious home. If the installation is done with proper planning and in an optimum manner, you can also enjoy keeping the doors and windows open during any time of the year.

Protection from UV rays

People living in Florida understand how hot it can become during sunny days. Although sunlight is good for health, you must be away from the direct exposure of the sun. Installing a pool enclosure will allow the sunlight but keep the harmful UV rays to a bare minimum. It will not only reduce skin damage but also keep the water cooler during summer. It will also reduce your usage of sunscreen lotion and increase the life of chlorine used in the pool.

Easier Maintenance of the Pool

Pine needles, buds, leaves and flowers constantly fall into the pool with dust on them, making the pool dirty. The pool enclosure will block all the pesky pests, animals, debris, grass clippings etc, keeping the pool clean and safe for swimming. As there is not much to clean out, the pool will be easier to maintain.

Health Benefits

Pool enclosure will allow you to access the pool all year round, helping you to be in great shape. The changing weather conditions will not have any effect on the pool, thus, you can continue your daily swimming regime. You also don’t have to worry about getting acclimated to the changing temperature of water in the pool.

When the pool is enclosed with a high-quality screen enclosure, there will also be a reduction in the water evaporation and algae growth. Additionally, it also gives an atmosphere of personal space and offers a lot of security to the children.