Are Impact Windows Worth The Money?

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Are Impact Windows Worth The Money?

Hurricane preparedness is part and parcel of living in Florida. Due to its location, Florida often experiences hurricanes. Also, different cities record different frequencies. For example, Jupiter has the highest cases compared to other areas like Delray Beach, Martin County, and Riviera Beach.

One of the ways residents in Florida prepare for the hurricane season includes installing hurricane impact resistant windows in their buildings.

Cost of Impact Windows

A common argument is whether high-impact windows are worth the money, especially when you may choose to use hurricane shutters. Some people hold that high-impact windows are costly, yet they serve the same purpose as hurricane shutters.

Although impact windows may seem costly at first, you will be glad once they are installed and hurricane season comes along. Hurricane shutters may be more reasonable at the onset but can be inconvenient. For example, removing the hurricane shutters after the hurricane is bothersome. In addition, various homeowners’ associations dictate their residents remove the hurricane shutters days after the storm. Typically, storm windows in Palm Beach County are installed once and offer year-round protection.

4 Types of Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows

The following categories are based on the laminate procedure of joining the interlayer with the glass planes:

1. PVB or EVA
This is the most common type of hurricane-resistant window. A layer of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is inserted between two layers of glass. The EVA or PVB absorbs impact when the window is struck. Consequently, the thicker the layer of insert, the stronger the hurricane-resistant window and the higher the price.

2. Combination of PVB and PET
PET (polyethylene terephthalate) can be combined with PVB to provide a strong glazing-resistant option. The final product comprises two layers of PVB-treated glass with PET film between them. However, this type is costly because of the complex manufacturing process.

3. Glass/plastic Hybrid Windows
This type consists of a thin sheet of polycarbonate Lexan inserted between two layers of glass, and all layers bond together. The disadvantage of this window is that it is not recommended in hotter climates. This is because the polycarbonate tends to expand more than the glass.

4. Liquid Glass Resin
Liquid glass resin windows are most common in warm or sunny climates. This material is hard and is used to cover windows. The liquid resin is hardened through the curing process that relies on UV light as the catalyst. To make the window stronger, a plastic film may also be added.

Hurricane Windows Vs. Traditional windows

It is essential to consider the safety of your family, friends, and neighbors when installing windows in your building. Typically, damages caused by impacts can happen more often with traditional windows. When traditional windows are hit with too much force, they will break more easily. On the other hand, impact windows are more resistant to impact. These windows are designed with shock absorbers that help take up the force rather than break right away. Thus, they last longer.

Cleaning hurricane windows are also easier than cleaning traditional windows. After cleaning, hurricane windows also stay cleaner for longer, unlike traditional windows that quickly attract and maintain dirt. For this reason, they allow the room to stay light and airy, perfect for residents in service areas like Jupiter, Martin County, Delray Beach, and Riviera Beach.

Therefore, considering the ease of use, price, functionality, and other long-term processes, storm windows in Palm Beach County are worth their cost. Also, choosing hurricane impact-resistant windows will save you money in the long run. To learn more, contact Palm Beach Aluminum, the name you can trust for impact windows.