Compare Types Of Hurricane Shutters

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Compare Types Of Hurricane Shutters

In hurricane mitigation, shutters (i.e. hurricane coverings) are to protect houses and other structures from damage by storms. Although hurricane-proof glass is increasingly popular, most homeowners rely on hurricane shutters as the most economical solution required for protecting window openings in a storm.

It is recommended to prepare right ahead of time even before the arrival of the storm. There are a host of qualified hurricane protection products to choose from for your home. Here are some common types of hurricane shutters you may want to consider.

Hurricane shutters are produced with durable and strong materials capable of withstanding the forceful winds of a hurricane.

Aluminum Hurricane Panels

This is generally the least expensive type of shutter protection. Aluminum hurricane panels are designed to secure the outside of a house using tracks or bolts. Even without changing the look of your house, hurricane panels can still deliver excellent protection for your doors and windows.

You can either choose to directly secure the panels to the structure or affix them to the house with a track. These panels are usually measured and cut to securely cover the opening. Once they are put in place, you can hardly see out of the window because they (windows) will be completely covered.

Clear Polycarbonate Hurricane Panels

In a bid to further increase impact resistance, these polycarbonate hurricane panels are heat-formed into a corrugated shape. Also known as Lexan panels, the clear panels are capable of allowing light pass through the opening due to their transparent feature.

Depending on the size of the opening, these strong and lightweight panels can be installed horizontally or vertically for proper coverage. When installed, the window will be entirely covered, however, you will still be able to see through the window even after then because of their transparent nature. Remember to store them in an easy to reach location when not in use.

Electric Roll-Down or Manual Hurricane Shutters

These are a popular solution for the lanai area of a home. Rolling shutters are generally stored in an enclosed box located right above the window. They often have little or no impact on the architectural integrity of any property when properly installed. You can either choose to use a motor to automatically lower them or lower them manually with crank handles for storm protection. Additionally, they function for insulation, security, light and sound control.

Colonial Hurricane Shutters

While serving as viable protection for your home, Colonial hurricane shutters are produced with durable and strong materials capable of withstanding the forceful winds of a hurricane. Unlike other types of shutters, these decorative hurricane shutters are not removable as they are permanently affixed to the structure of the property.

Bahama Hurricane Shutters

Like decorative shutters, these one-piece Bahama hurricane shutters generally tend to enhance the look and feel of a home in a tropical manner. For quick storm-ready protection, ensure to secure them on the wall. In order to shade the window, they need to be propped open.