Acrylic Windows And Doors

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Acrylic Windows And Doors

Acrylic windows and doors are becoming more popular than glass windows and doors worldwide because of some inherent great benefits. Whether it is a residential building or commercial structure, a lot of building contractors now prefer to use acrylic windows and doors.

Even when a building is being renovated, its glass windows and doors are usually replaced by acrylic ones. The benefits are not difficult to find out. The most striking feature of acrylic is that it is a kind of blend between glass and plastic. It combines the transparency of a glass with the lightness of a plastic. Some of the other benefits have been discussed below.

Acrylic windows and doors are usually resistant to impact windows and doors and light.

Acrylic is light

Acrylic windows and doors are twice as light as glass ones. So they are easy to carry around and they are also easy to work with. Nobody will appreciate the lightness like a building contractor who may have to convey many of them depending on the size of the building he is handling

Resistant to impact

Acrylic doors and windows are usually resistant to impact. They are not half as breakable as glass. When a baseball is accidentally smashed against any acrylic material it may not break but glass will definitely shatter immediately. Resistant to impact can also be seen as ruggedness and durability. Once an acrylic window or door is installed, you won’t need to change it in the next two decades.


Acrylic materials are very beautiful and they usually add to the beauty of the building. When acrylic doors and windows are installed, the building gets a big facelift and it looks costlier than it really is and sometimes it is valued as such.

Better Insulation

Acrylic windows and doors give better insulation than other doors and windows. They make the house warmer in winter. They also save a lot of energy thereby saving some energy bills. In fact acrylic windows and doors are ten times more energy efficient than other kinds of windows and doors.


Acrylic windows can take a wide variety of designs as acrylic can be moulded into different shapes. Acrylic can be used for shaped windows like octagon shape, round top or even windows with arch top.

Natural Light

Acrylic windows with frosted texture allows the penetration of sun light into your apartment and also gives you some privacy as no one can see through the frosted texture. The same thing applies to acrylic doors.

There is no product without its cons. What matters is for pros to outnumber the cons by far. Acrylic material has its own cons too. Acrylic windows and doors are more expensive than glass windows and doors. Secondly, acrylic cannot stand extreme heat. When it is subjected to direct flame, it can either melt or burn out completely. However, despite its shortcomings, acrylic is still a very good material for windows and doors.

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