Accordion Shutters vs. Hurricane Fabric: Pros and Cons

Worker installing Accordion Shutters

Accordion Shutters vs. Hurricane Fabric: Pros and Cons

Florida is known for its volatile weather, and you want to keep your home and family safe from the wind and rain. At Palm Beach Aluminum, we’ve been installing hurricane shutters in Palm Beach County for years, so we can help you make the best selection. Many people wonder whether hurricane fabric or accordion shutters offer more protection, and there are a few key differences between the two to consider.

Accordion Shutters

These are the most popular option among our clients. They are permanently installed onto the home, meaning that you are ready for a storm anytime. You don’t have to worry about taking them down, storage, or installing them again next season.

Versatility is one of the reasons why our Palm Beach County clients prefer accordion shutters. Our aluminum accordion shutters have vertical blades, so they can be installed over windows of different lengths and widths. You can also fix them to open from the left, right, or from the center and have them open on both sides. They are also very easy to close and open.

They also come in different colors. At Palm Beach Aluminum, we know how vital house aesthetics are. Therefore, our aluminum accordion shutters come in beige, ivory, bronze, and white, colors that are easy to match with different color schemes.

High quality is one of the major benchmarks of our shutters. We use the best aluminum to make our hurricane aluminum panels, and Dade County approves them. They also have a layer of powder-coated paint to increase their longevity.

Accordion shutters are guaranteed to keep you and your family safe. They offer either outside locks or inside locks.

However, because hurricane shutters are permanent and made using aluminum, they are more expensive than hurricane fabrics. They also don’t let light into the house when rolled down.

Hurricane Fabric

Hurricane fabrics are usually made from reinforced polyvinyl carbonate (PVC) or mesh sheets. You can mount them on tracks or attach them directly to your house using buckles, straps, or grommets.

One of the main features that sets hurricane fabrics apart from other hurricane barriers is their grommet and wing nut system. This makes it easier to install and secure or remove them. Their light weight is another key contributor to their easy installation.

They are also more affordable than the accordion shutters because of the material. You also don’t need to hire professionals for installation, which can save on labor costs.

Like the accordion hurricane shutters, hurricane fabrics come in several colors. This makes them perfect to suit your home aesthetic. They are also translucent, meaning that they still allow light into the home.

If you have a small space, you don’t have to worry about where to store these after taking them down. You can roll, hang up, or lay the fabrics flat for easier and more compact storage.

While they are easy to install, these shutters are not permeant. Therefore, you have to install them afresh every hurricane season.

Hurricane fabrics come in different premade sizes, meaning that you can’t cut them into the specific size you want. If you don’t find a suitable size in store, you must send measurements to the manufacturer, which takes longer to make. While there are several colors available, they are usually limited, and you might not find your exact preferred color.

Choosing the right hurricane protection depends on your budget and preferences. However, if you want the best hurricane aluminum panels, Palm Beach Aluminum has got you covered. Call us today or contact us online to see our hurricane shutters Palm Beach County collection.