5 reasons why you should get impact glass doors and windows

Hurricane shutters

5 reasons why you should get impact glass doors and windows

When building a structure for your house or for a commercial building, the most important factor you have to consider is durability and resilience. Doors and windows are the most important part of the house, as they make a lot of influence on temperature, ventilation and the lightning of the house.
So it’s an important decision whether to have standard or impact glass doors and windows.

Here are the five key reasons on why you should opt for impact glass rather than standard glass.

Weather Protection:

If you are living in an area where the weather is unpredictable and gets rough every year then you need to have some protection . Tropical Storms and hurricanes are always a big concern when it comes to the safety of the house. One of the biggest concern is the debris penetrating into the house due to the strong winds, this kind of weather makes the standard glass useless and even harmful as they can break and shatter causing harm to the property or to the people.

The Impact Glass is designed so that it does not break and in fact can withstand heavy damage.

The impact glass shields the house from any kind of penetration. It provides 24 hours of hurricane protection. It is made of special laminated glass that won’t allow it to break.

2: Energy Saving

The impact glass due to its thickness improves the insulation of the house . It protects your house from all the harmful ultraviolet rays. it makes the room cooler in summers and warmer in summer, thus reducing the use of air condition and saving the cost of electricity.

3: Noise Reduction

The thickness of impact glass reduces the noise coming in and out of the house. You would finally be able live in a place where you can have peace. With the installation of impact glass, you won’t hear the annoying traffic noises or the loud next door neighbors.

4: Security

Apart from weather protection the impact glass and doors provides effective protection from burglars or unwanted intruders from breaking into the house. Due to its thick special laminated glass it doesn’t shatter like other glasses, so If an intruder hammers the glass, he won’t be able to break in, although the glass will break but it won’t allow any kind of passage.

5: Time Saving

The impact glass is easy to install as you don’t need to install shutters to protect from storm. The impact glass is for a lifetime as you don’t need to remove it or re install as it deals with all kind of weather conditions.

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