25 05, 2018

Impact Glass Windows

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If you are living in the Florida State, then you must be aware how often the properties are destroyed due to natural calamities like hurricanes, thunderstorms, hailstorms and frequent rain. Hurricanes and storms can be commonly experienced in the coastal areas, due to which the residential and commercial establishment owners face huge losses. To reduce [...]

11 05, 2018

Chain Link Gates

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Gates provide maximum security to any property, which is the reason you should give utmost importance to installing a high-quality gate to your property. Among various options available for fencing the property, chain link fences are very common among the people living in and around Florida. This kind of fencing is not visually appealing but [...]

20 04, 2018

Pool Enclosure

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It’s important to keep your pool protected from the outside environment and the best way to keep it safeguard is the pool enclosure. Home owners can add value to their real estate with the help of a good-looking and well-designed pool enclosure. No doubt, you have spent a lot of money on the purchase of [...]

6 04, 2018

Hurricane Shutters

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Hurricane Shutters are basically used to protect homes and other establishments from the damages, which are caused by storms and hurricanes. The state of Florida gets pounded with hurricanes, tropical and thunderstorms very often, with very high wind speeds. These can easily rip-off your home roofs if proper impact and hurricane shutters are not installed [...]

23 03, 2018

Wooden Gates

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You have built a home with great design and architecture and have added all the modern amenities like swimming pool, a park, spa, etc. What about privacy and security of your property? How will you keep away intruders and your small kids from going out? The best possible solution is to install gates that will [...]

9 03, 2018

Impact glass doors

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With hurricanes and storms common in and around Florida, it becomes important for all the residents to install high-quality impact glass doors in their homes. Storms and hurricanes are a common occurrence in the coastal regions, thereby increasing the chances of property loss. Because of regular hurricanes and storms, South Florida has updated their codes [...]

23 02, 2018

Bamboo Gates

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Gates are considered the most important part of a real estate. It’s because the gate is the first thing that you observe when you enter a house or a building. It can be well said that the entire beauty of your property is mainly judged by its gate entrance. Therefore, you have to pay attention [...]

9 02, 2018

Custom Pool Enclosure

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No doubt, pools not just provide a beautiful sight but also pleasure. Every one of you would love to have a pool at your home because it is a great source of entertainment. Constructing a pool at your residential or commercial property is quite an easy task but its maintenance can become much difficult if [...]

19 01, 2018

Impact Glass Windows

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Weather conditions are tropical in the sunshine state Florida. People living there are concerned to build their home with safer material so that it has long-lasting protection. Our company Palm Beach Aluminum Inc. has been giving a variety of options to the homeowners in Florida to upgrade their homes with the latest up gradation in [...]

5 01, 2018

Decorative Gates

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Your living standard and taste can easily be reflected by the structure of your house. No doubt, several things play their part in building an attractive house but the thing that counts the most is gates or entrances. They not just give an entry barrier to the outsiders but also keep your property safe and [...]