Pool Enclosure

a pool screen enclosure

Pool Enclosure

Pool Enclosure is important for the safety of your pool in a state of Florida because of its crazy weather. The weather here in the sunshine state can be rough sometimes due to hurricanes, rainstorms, and the long humid summer. So it is important that people keep their homes and pools safe from any damage. Usually, people use their pool throughout the year and that is why they want to keep the pool clean and safe and that’s the reason they install pool enclosures. In the summer days, pool enclosure shields the direct heat into the pool. This way you and your families are safer from sunburns. In the winter season, pool enclosure safeguards the pool from freezing temperature and cold winds.

Pool Enclosures is the perfect solution to protect your pool and improve its aesthetic appeal.

Pool Enclosures also keep the pool neat and clean as windy weather can fill this with dirt and a lot more mess and this way you can save a lot of money for cleaning purpose. Pool enclosures also enhance the beauty of your swimming pool as it can be used to host parties or can serve as the living room, you never know. This pool enclosure enhancement can give your home a contemporary look. Generally, we can say that pool enclosure is like a shield which protects and preserve the pool fun in all conditions.

Palm Beach Aluminum Inc.’s Pool Enclosures: Palm Beach Aluminum Inc. provides all kinds of home installation services. We install windows, doors, roofs, screen patio and enclosures, gates, and fences all according to the needs of a customer. We also happen to make the best pool enclosures in the Florida state, USA. We provide the pool enclosures in different sizes as per the customer’s demand. We are improving our technology, design and safety covers with the passage of time. It does not matter which pool enclosure you choose from our catalog, you will be completely satisfied that it will precisely suit your pool according to your home style and decor. Our company is family owned and we really care about the customer values.

Variety of Pool Enclosures: Palm Beach Aluminum Inc. has a variety of pool enclosures and people can buy any design and length as they like. Also, we make custom made specially designed pool enclosures. We have the low line, medium line and high line pool enclosure. They are all available in different shapes too. You can also choose static or retractable pool enclosures as per your own choice. You can install any other features like a heater and cooling systems inside the pool enclosure. You can enjoy the weather from the inside of a pool enclosure. We provide services on the extensive level with our qualified and professional staff. Our special features are mentioned below:

• All of our Palm Beach Aluminum’s excursions have a fine Powder Coated Finish look.
• All the hardware used will be Ceramic glazed and Stainless Steel.
• We use Phifer Screening Products for better quality.
• We also provide Re-Screens and Repairs along with the other services.
• We provide a free estimate on all our installation services.